Most of the media often paints all businesses with a single stroke, but in our experience businesses are each unique and so many of them are focused on making the world a better place. We’ve highlighted a few such gems below.

Beat’er Pan | Roller Derby League Owner and Head Coach

I think that our Roller Derby League business helps the members in it, find people like-minded and helps foster adult friendships among one another that are otherwise hard to come by. We are a safe space for the LGBTQ+ community by being owned and managed by queer folk. It also helps the community around us by providing entertainment of an alternative sport and inspire others to go out of their comfort zone. Read more>>

Kelby Marie | Plus-size fashion and confidence blogger

I remember growing and while being generally happy, I hated how I looked. There was no one that I looked up to that looked like me. No one to go to for fashion advise or or even trending clothes that fit me. For an impressionable young girl, that has a tremendous effect on your self worth, your self confidence and your self love. I thought there was something wrong with me. I’d diet and exercise, ok more like starve myself and over exercise. Even that didn’t “fix me” like diet culture promised it would. I was still the heaviest of my friends and family. Read more>>

Vanessa Lill | Vanessa & Chad, ‘The Outlovers’ | Elopement Photographers

At The Outlovers we plan and photograph epic elopement experiences for ALL couples who find their greatest connection in the great outdoors. We take people into the heart of the desert or to the top of a mountain to share their wedding vows, possibly the most important words they’ll ever say! First and foremost, we strive to help our couples by granting them FREEDOM OF CHOICE as they plan their wedding day and by creating an intimate, SAFE-FEELING environment to be their most authentic, truest selves as they celebrate their love. Read more>>

Angela Lenhardt | intuitive life and business coach, best-selling author, inspirational speaker

I have devoted my life’s “work” as a spiritual author, inspirational speaker and mentor to healing myself and being of service to other’s heal their own life. Read more>>

Leslie Maginn | Real Estate Agent

I have always been in a “helping” profession. After 16 years in the healthcare field I was ready for a change. I was unsure how I would continue serving people at first. My business has become my vessel to try and make a difference in the community. I have a passion for the first responder community; my father was a police officer and I lost him at a young age. I have long tried to figure out how to honor his life, support our first responders, and provide value to this community. A few years ago I began taking care packages to local police, fire, and healthcare departments each week – and that evolved into a monthly happy hour where we gather and raise money for local first responder families and non profits. Read more>>

Mandy Mullen | Fitness Entrepreneur, Race Director, Running Coach and Ultra Marathoner

run.Windsor and FusionFIT pave a way for people of all ages and abilities in our community to focus on their physical health, which in turn provides endless emotional and mental benefits. Our leadership inspires others to do hard things while recognizing that we all have different strengths, challenges, goals and abilities. Our brand is unique in that we are also huge proponents of expanding physical wellness into the community with endurance events, community interaction and actively supporting other small and large businesses. Read more>>