There is a wealth of academic research that suggests that differences in risk appetite are at the heart of differences in career and business trajectories. We wanted to go beyond the theory and ask real people from the community about their perspectives and experiences with risk and risk taking.

Clara McGonigle | Realtor

Risk is an essential element to entrepreneurship. In my experience, risk mirrors the human existence. Humans tend to live in an illusion they know what s going to happen & can control outcome with their mind- which of course is never true. Once the illusion melts away and is replaced with pure faith, life simply becomes one big FUN risk. Read more>>

Kelly Langley-Cook | Co-Owner, Atlas Theater

We are lucky to have several different personalities with several different ways of seeing the world at Atlas Theater. My husband, Jeff, is the big risk taker. He sees what can be, and then he multiplies it by 1000 and then he convinces everyone else that we can do it. Read more>>

Delaney Wray Griffin | Co-Founder of SOS Animales Nicaragua | Holistic Health Coach & Owner of Happy Meets Healthy | Yoga Teacher

I think of risk as a necessity in any happy life or career. Your passions can only be pursued with a little (or a lot!) of risk. For someone with little to no fear around risk, I find it easy (thrilling, really) to take; as long as it has nothing to do with physical heights, YIKES! As humans in a free-spinning world, we take chances with every step, driving to work, walking our dog, or even mowing our lawn. Read more>>

Damien Zouaoui & Jessica French | Co-Founders of The Beer Spa by Snug

As the old adage goes, with big risks comes the potential for big rewards – and this is a saying that we reflect back on frequently while making important decisions in our lives. Quitting our comfy corporate careers in New York City to embark on a 14-month world tour in search of unique business concepts was a big risk. Read more>>

Lars Sage | Art Gallery Manager

When I was trying to determine what to do for a career after graduating from college, I took a risk applying for a position for a Job Corps program that I knew nothing about, got hired and had an incredible experience, which propelled me for further experiences. Subsequent job positions were also an opportunity to take a risk, not only in applying for them but also in pursuing those opportunities once hired. Read more>>