We asked some brilliant folks from the community to tell us about the most important lesson their business or career has taught them. We’ve shared some of those responses below.

Bailey Roberts | Salon Owner / Blonde Specialist

Being in the beauty industry and opening a salon has taught me a lot about patience. There will be many learning curves and life lessons and most of the time they are thrown at you all at once. Taking the time to be patient with not only others but yourself will help your growing pains be more graceful. Read more>>

Jack Delehey | Co-founder, FlyBy Ads

I think the most important lesson working on FlyBy Ads has taught me is how valuable it is to be self-sufficient. Not just in business, but in life. Over the last year, as a global pandemic hit, FlyBy Ads’ revenues plummeted, as have many businesses. But we realized very quickly just how lucky we were, as co-founders. We had set up FlyBy Ads to be self sufficient, built off of our own efforts and $. Not relying on investors (and not having to be indebted to pay them back)or having to pay salaries has allowed us to ride out the storm and give us a much greater appreciation for setting up the business the way we have. Read more>>

Sarina Baptista | Award-Winning Author, International Speaker, Psychic Medium and Spiritual Teacher

I have what most would term an unconventional business. I did not wake up one day and say, “Oh, yes! Let’s talk to dead people for a living!” It is, however, my life’s purpose, and, since I am doing what I love, I enjoy going to work every day. My work is meaningful, purposeful, and very fulfilling. I help people heal from the trauma of losing a loved one, and I help people find their way for their own lives, finding their own purpose. When I advise others on their career paths, we always must consider passion – what is their passion? If we don’t feel passionate about what we do, it can deplete our energy, leaving nothing for our lives outside of work. Find your passion. That is such an important lesson!. Read more>>

Rolos Rios | Lyricist & Songwriter

The strongest push forward comes from within/ If they can play you they will, and that goes for family, friends, business partners, spouse, EVERYBODY. Clear communication is vital when conducting business but is rare to find, prepare to set the example rather than see it. Always state your expectations as well as uphold them through your actions. Lastly, Sign on the dotted line! Assuming neither side has any thing to hide and your terms, expectations, and obligations are printed in black and white, there is NO reason a formal contract should not be in place. However, with that said, it is far from safe to sign any/every contract without personal examination. Read more>>

Heather Ning Aberg | Social Worker and Executive Director of Resilience1220.org

I have had to learn to trust in myself and others. So much of doing something new is believing that your efforts will be worth it, people will help you and that the journey will, most often, work out. There is a vulnerability to starting something new and I believe it has been important to let people know that I needed their support, input and suggestions. Gathering information from different resources has helped me to make my best decisions. Read more>>

Kelsey Burrows | Elopement and Lifestyle Photographer

I have two things that my photography business has taught me: (1) Find beauty in the ordinary and (2) Learning what intimacy looks like with different couples. Let me explain them to you 🙂 Finding beauty in every day ordinary things has developed over the course of my career and continues to. The things I normally would find ordinary is maybe a little park near my house, a small trail close to home or a building downtown. Now with new eyes (my lenses 😉 – I am able to see more beauty in creating from anything and anywhere. That also leads me to learning about what intimacy looks like with each couple I photograph 🙂 Everyone has a love language sure but intimacy has been something I have always searched to understand and never realized that I had been learning about it this whole time. Whether that’s lots of kisses and hugs or sitting with your favorite drink and favorite person talking about something deep, I am understanding the intimacy I crave. Read more>>