We are so inspired by the businesses in our community because of how many of them are committed to helping to make the world better than it is today. Check out some great businesses below and how they are helping others.

Ali Abouzalam | Founder & CEO

The mission here at Bee-Nails is to help our customer “Bee Their Best”. Cannabis is helping millions of people around the world live their best life whether that’s to battler cancer, parkinsons, epilepsy, arthritis, chronic pain, chronic depression, anxiety and more. We are proud to position ourselves as a lifestyle brand that enables all cannabis consumers to learn, experience, and consume cannabis in a healthy and efficient manner. Bee-Nails empowers cannabis consumers to “Bee Your Best.” We aim to continually move customers closer to fulfilling their unique purpose by providing excellent high quality vaporizers and tools, relevant education, and inspirational events that help them thrive and positively impact the communities where they live and work. We make quarterly donations to local non-profits like trees, water, people, Colorado BeeKeepers foundation, the Fort Collins Food Bank and more. Read more>>

Amy Ben-Horin | Executive Director

I feel so grateful to have stepped into my role as Executive Director with the nonprofit organization, Wander Project, in January of 2020. I had run a startup organization in 2014 for a few years and have worn almost every hat imaginable within the nonprofit sector. However, my work up to this point was primarily focused around youth development and education. Wander Project’s purpose and theory was relatively new to me. Our mission is to engage with athletes and racing events to support local communities by inspiring fundraising and service. Basically, we partner with already established events to offer a peer-to-peer fundraising platform and athlete support in raising additional funds and awareness about the local issues within communities across the United States. Typically, with in-person events, we work to engage local organizations in sharing some of the challenges their community is facing and how they seek to address these needs. These organizations are then invited to apply for funds raised from the event through a simple grant process. Read more>>

Lindsay Emmerich | Floral Designer

Here at Fairytale Floral we are extremely conscious of our environmental impact, and each year we make it our mission to find new ways to be even better! Since the beginning, we have used minimal plastics and packing materials, as well as religiously recycling and repurposing whenever possible! We are currently working to eliminate the use of floral foam, which can be terrible for landfills and is used globally on a very large scale. This has been a fun new way for us to design and allows us to get even more creative with our installations! Another goal of ours this year is use locally grown florals as often as possible! Not only do they last longer and help grown our local economy, but they also come with a much smaller carbon footprint. Read more>>

Courtney Green, JD, PsyD candidate | Business Leader Consultant, Coach, Counselor

Can you imagine the social impact we would experience globally if all our world’s leaders made decisions, not from their low-level egoic mind based in fear, but from a higher vantage point based in infinite wisdom and intelligence? Spark’s business uses science to teach leaders how to access and align with their higher consciousness – infinite wisdom and intelligence. When aligned, they are naturally in the flow state powerfully leading themselves and organizations into unprecedented expansion. Uplifting people and the planet through universal alignment, these business leaders are trailblazers redefining business success. 97% of the world’s leaders operate from their egoic mind which is a limited resource. By using a limited resource, leaders get limited results for their organizations. Spark guides global leaders to go beyond these limitations. When a leader learns how to use their own internal guidance system, higher consciousness, they are limitless creators able to bring what seemed impossible into form … Now. Read more>>

Selena Castro | Jeweler & Resin Artist

At Palettes and Petals, $1 from every pair sold is donated to the ALS Therapy Development Institute. If a business can give back, then it should. That is how I’ve felt from the moment I decided I wanted to start my own. I make earrings, and it’s fun, but at the end of the day I want the work I do to make an impact, I want to use my art for the greater good. Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, otherwise known as ALS, or Lou Gehrigs Disease, is not incurable, it is under funded. I know first hand what an ugly and unforgiving disease it is as I lost my dad to it in 2019. I wish for no one to ever have to understand the pain that comes with witnessing a loved one suffer from ALS, and it is why I donate to research for a cure. Read more>>