The first step to starting a business is deciding to start a business. They say the first step is the hardest and in our experience this is especially true when it comes to starting a business. Getting over the mental roadblocks can be tough, often harder to overcome than the challenges you’ll face once you actually start the business. Fellow entrepreneurs share their thoughts below.

Christina Nicole Purcell | Photographer Founder

It wasn’t something I ever planned on doing it kind of just fell into my lap. Although I had always loved photography and taking pictures I never looked at is as job, just more of a hobby. I had left my dream job after I became a mom and starting my own business was a way I could still create, and contribute, and take beautiful pictures along the way. People would see pictures I would post of my family or friends etc. and I realized then they valued me and my talent and I could make a business out of it. Read more>>

Hillary & Jillian Glenn | Co-Owners

As designers and female entrepreneurs who regularly dress for work, we found ourselves searching for fashion-forward quality modern apparel. With our industry experience it seemed we could bridge the gap between fast fashion and high-end designer label pricing. Committed to sourcing fine textiles and sustainable fibers, we set off to create a timeless palette and wardrobe essentials for sophisticated style. This seasonless approach contrasts the fast-fashion mindset, increasing wearability and longevity for our customers. Read more>>

Kate Johnson | Pregnancy and Postpartum Athleticism Coach & CrossFit Level 2 Trainer

I never thought I was someone who would start their own business. Honestly it wasn’t on my radar. I was happy and content coaching CrossFit classes, learning how to navigate motherhood, and thought I’d return to a business career similar to the one before I chose to be a stay at home mom. However, after having my second son and experiencing my own core and pelvic floor health issues that all changed. I enrolled in a professional coaches program called Pregnancy and Postpartum Athleticism founded by Brianna Battles, CSCS. I initially enrolled so that I could learn more to help myself recover and become a better coach for other women. It was through this course and additional ongoing education, that I realized that I needed to offer training programs, services and resources so I could help other women navigating pregnant/postpartum fitness along with their own core/pelvic health considerations. Read more>>

Tricia Brzostowicz | Registered Patent Agent

My decision to start my business rose from several factors. I aimed to create a balance of earning capacity and quality of life for my family and I wanted to offer the best value to my clients. Owning my own company allows me to set my own schedule around the needs of my family. It also gives me the opportunity to help many different people. Because I have low overhead I’m able to offer a valuable service at a price that is more attainable than larger firms. This benefits my clients in that some may not be able to file patent applications based on price structure of large law firms. Read more>>

Erin Jachimiak | Photographer

I was really looking for a way to balance family life and work life. My husband and I both had 9-5 office jobs and I felt as though our children were spending more time in daycare then with us. Photography has always been something that I loved doing, a creative outlet for me. So when my company was purchased and my job was eliminated, I decided I wanted to try to turn my passion into a business. My husband gave me 6 months to see if it truly was something I wanted to do and we have not looked back. Owning my own business allows me to be more present for my children. I get to pick them up from school and volunteer in the classrooms. I feel like starting my own business has allowed me to. be a better wife, mom and person. Read more>>

Sunny Ashrafian | Independent Dental Hygienist

I’ve been a hygienist for about five years now. In that time I have always worked for a dentist and I have seen so many patients mistreated and unfortunately my opinions on treatment of patients did not matter. I wanted to create a safe space for patients to take care of their oral health without feeling the pressure and judgement that is usually associated with traditional dental offices. Read more>>

Lee Duckworth | Taxidermist & Wildlife Fabricator

At first, my thought process for starting my own business was to identify myself as an individual in my career and not just another “worker behind the scenes” of a larger shop. As I ventured out on my own, I had realized that my own style began to develop which made me stand out differently from other shops in the industry of taxidermy. Read more>>

Heather Ingram

To spotlight the people in careers that sacrifice everyday. Those careers are fire fighters, nurses, Emt’s, police officers, paramedics and teachers. We need to see more of the real heroes and their lives. So I thought what is one common thread for most of these amazing people, Coffee! This started the journey of Courageous Blend Coffee. Read more>>

Kate Kellogg Kim Richter | Owners & Designers

The seed for our business was planted years ago when, together, we first learned about the spiritual, vibrational, and healing powers of a gemstone mala. Through our own journey we learned how to use the energy of the mala in our everyday lives to create positivity, set intentions, and manifest our dreams. While enjoying the powerful benefits of our own malas we decided to put our creative talents together to design Radiant Malas. Our intention is to share what we’ve learned about the vibrational power of gemstones and how working with and wearing a mala can support you in your steps towards deeper self-awareness and inner-transformation. Read more>>

Patter Gersuk | CEO & Founder

I felt there was an opportunity: –there was nothing like my bars on the market ( whole food, no added sugar, no flavor enhancers, additives, or highly processed ingredients) –a growing demand. for nutritious, clean and convenient food –a willingness by consumers to spend money on specialty products I have always loved to educate and provide delicious and pure food– it has been a life long passion. Starting Patterbar allows me to do what I love. I could have a positive impact on the community. Read more>>

Chelli Pumphrey, MA, LPC | Founder & Clinical Director

I started out as a solo therapist in 2011. My dad was a multi-passionate entrepreneur, and I had seen his rollercoaster ride of success and failure as I grew up. Apparently, it seeped into my being and I fell in love with the entrepreneurship journey. I grew from a slow trickle of seeing a few clients a month to a solo therapy practice that was consistently full within a few years. I had been heavily involved in an entrepreneurial network that had taught me so much about taking leaps of faith and building businesses. That’s when I knew it was time to up-level to a group practice model. I realized that in my own personal healing journey, I had always sought alternative, holistic care from many different types of practitioners. It was a combination of physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental healers that helped me heal in the deepest of ways. Read more>>

Jon Cook | Founder, Featured Copywriter & Messaging Specialist

I recognized early on in life (middle school and high school) that I have a gift of helping people tell stories, often their own stories, in more engaging, compelling ways. For me, starting Keynote Content was not about me. It’s about connecting with people who are holding life-changing stories in their hearts that don’t know how to craft those stories to actually change lives. If I could leverage my gifts to serve someone else’s audience, that was worth taking the leap to start Keynote Content. Just this past year we helped develop messages for national and international influencers about anti-bullying, environmental change and legislation, reframing the future of U.S.-based education, mental health awareness in Silicon Valley and other tech startup centers. Read more>>