Sometimes a book, or even just a line, chapter or passage within a book can stick with us long after we’ve read its final page. We asked some of our favorite community members to tell us about a book that’s had a meaningful impact on them.

Valorie Ziegler | Artisan Soapmaker & Aerospace Program Manager

Oh, there are so many books! Early this year I read Untamed by Glennon Doyle, and for me, it was well timed with messages I needed to hear at that point in my life. Her writing style reminded me (in ways that stayed with me!) that I must unapologetically advocate for myself in order to be my truest self. At the time, I was feeling stuck in a job where my work was important, but where my values felt at odds with the organization. Read more>>

Zach & Carissa Hurt | Squatch & Learn Library Stewards

A book, or rather, a series, we tend to revisit throughout our lives is The Lord of the Rings. J. R. R. Tolkien exercises masterful world-building and his unassuming, barefoot heroes show us that anyone is capable of great things. This timeless tale makes us want to embark on our own adventure into the misty mountains of Colorado, meeting strange creatures, learning about the wonders of our world, and standing strong in the battle of good and evil. Read more>>

Tom Griffith | of Bestslope Coffee Company

A lot has been written about the success of Japanese manufacturing to create efficiency and quality. I came across the book Kaizen by Masaaki Imai a couple years ago and found it to be the source material for a lot of books to come after. Kaizen describes the idea of gradual, unending improvement by attending to the small details of every job. It describes systems that place the power to make positive change in the hands of the people closest to the work getting done. Read more>>

Errol Anderson | Founder and Creator of Popongo

The most influential book I have read is “Cry Like a Man” by Jason Wilson. This book imparted the knowledge and valuable life lesson that it is okay for me, for men in general, to be vulnerable. As a black man, this was an exceptionally enlightening concept that has helped me open up, become more expressive and show emotions I previously kept inside. When we, as men, can allow ourselves to be vulnerable to those we love or are growing to love, it opens up the door for better communication, understanding, empathy and love. Read more>>