A big part of making decisions is determining what our actions and choices have been inspired by. So we asked decision makers from the community to tell us about what they are inspired by.

Jason Harding | Songwriter & Performing Artist

Most certainly the incredible people who have come into my life over the years. Between family, friends and colleagues, I often find myself feeling both blessed and proud to be in their embrace. Additionally, I’m constantly awed by the abundance of creative energy the musical and artistic communities exude. However, they aren’t simply creative minds. The vast majority are wholesome, insightful and loving people. They’re consistent reminders of how to treat others and work passionately. Read more>>

Christina Cline | Emotive Storyteller

Being in a creative field, the thing that inspires me and drives me in my work is natural raw emotion from my clients. it can be such a little thing such as your partner pushing your hair out of your face from the wind, your child looking up at you as you embrace them, or the look of strength as you think about your future. There is a deep connection under the surface that I like to draw out and capture on camera. Those candid moments are what elicits an emotion for a lifetime. Inspiration comes in the form of real life and real moments for me. Read more>>

Cali Schweikhart | Athlete, Coach, & Tutor

I am inspired by the feeling of complete freedom and peace. I mainly find this feeling running trails or in an obstacle course race. I liken it to feeling like a kid again… it’s how you would always want life to feel if that was possible. I am motivated to life my life in a way that maximizes how often I experience this. Read more>>

Carmon Slater | Artist

I grew up in the Midwest, and have always been inspired by Nature and especially weather phenomena, landscape (especially horizons), the changing night sky, the change of seasons and how light changes thusly. Now I’ve lived in Colorado for many years and have loved all of these same aspects in a totally new environment, especially the mountains, the changing sky, and the plethora of living creatures that dwell within. Read more>>

Alison Reid | Interdisciplinary artist focused on art as a therapeutic practice

I’m inspired by our minds and the impact creation can have on the habits held by them. I spent a lot of my time growing up learning about how and why we think the way we do, as sentient beings. The ease our minds have of creating coping mechanisms and shields to protect us from harm have always been the most interesting to me. As someone with my own mental health disorders and several close friends suffering from their own, I’ve learned how complex life becomes when you start following the paths our minds take us on to survive. Read more>>