Ideas aren’t everything, execution matters greatly, but starting often requires an idea and so we asked folks to think back and tell us the story of how they came up with the idea for their businesses. We’ve highlighted some of our favorite stories below.

Kristen Dorighi | Flower grower/florist

I have always been enthralled by flowers…way back to helping in my grandma’s garden as a child. In grad school, despite having very little extra money, I always marched to the farmer’s market each week to buy the best $15 bouquet I could find! I really think flowers can change the feel of a space and therefore how the people in that space feel. Read more>>

Abigail Canney | Party Service Innovator, co-founder

Our tie-dye story began in 2019- right before the pandemic, my husband Christopher and I were invited to Walt Disney World with his family. Having moved “out west” to Durango from Tennessee seven years prior, we wanted to commemorate the occasion by making everyone their very own matching tie-dye tee. The shirts were a hit- we got stopped multiple times by other families with compliments and questions, AND we found that the added fluorescent flair greatly helped us keep track of our little nieces and nephews! Read more>>

Dr. Andersen, ND, LMT; Dr. Marisa Soski, ND, MS, FABNO | Naturopathic Doctors

Individually we both had the dream of one day opening a multidisciplinary wellness center. When we met, these dreams organically melded and planning began on opening the clinic we have today. We knew that we wouldn’t be able to start at the capacity or facility we one day dreamed of providing, but we have a plan with intention set on expanding until our dreams turn into reality. Read more>>

Jack Hansell | Owner

I have been a homebrewer for over 30 years. In 2001 I had the honor to work for Coors Brewing Company. During my tenure there I was selected to attend Coors’ internal Brewing School. During this process I learned how to brew professionally and fell in love with the idea of starting a craft brewery. Read more>>

Lila Kimel | Clinical psychologist and Developmental Disabilities Expert

I came up with the idea of starting Kimel Psychological Services when my daughter, Maya, was born, 9 years ago. At the time, I was working for the University of Colorado, School of Medicine at the JFK Partners clinic and simultaneously at Children’s Hospital in Aurora, and in a community clinic, primarily evaluating and providing treatment to individuals with developmental disabilities. Read more>>

Christopher Hull | Commercial Fly Tyer & Fly Fishing Guide

I was guiding fly fishing trips and spending astronomical amounts on low-quality and inconsistent flies so I took to tying them myself. Soon after, I had random clients and guides asking me to sell them flies. I decided that doing something I’m passionate about is more worthwhile to me. Thus, Colorado Fly Angler was born. Our goal is to put high quality, consistent, original and exclusive patterns into the hands of people who enjoy the craftsmanship at a lower price. Read more>>