Risk is the most common topic that comes up in our conversations with entrepreneurs and so each week we ask entrepreneurs to talk to us on the record about how they think about risk.

Yvonne Randolph | Multi-Dimensional Creative & Mindful Mogul

When I think of the word “risk” or “risky” I perceive it to be an action that is a bit outside my normal decision making; which may be what is needed to provide a different result. I learned that every moment, product, relationship, that went from good to great involved an element of risk on my part. In most cases I believe risk to be healthy. While I am in the process of expanding my career, risk have maintained a healthy perspective on how to create a life or career of value. Read more>>

Mark Leffingwell | Commercial Photographer

Taking risks can be stressful. That being said, you don’t grow without taking risks. If there isn’t a chance to fail, then you don’t adapt, improve, experiment and grow. When I was a photojournalist, pushing things was just part of the the job. You aren’t going to get the good images staying safe. Getting in close and capturing the people in the moment is what made the story. You can’t do that from a safe distance. Read more>>

Teju Patel Product Manager & Food Blogger | A technology professional with a love of food.

Risk means different things to different people. What it means to me is putting myself out there without anything gained be it financial, social, emotional, or personal harm. I think we can all agree personal harm is easiest to access. It is when you make decisions that impact you as an individual and your comfort zone that feel risky. I took on a social and financial risk when I started my LLC and blog. It took some time for me to calculate if going out of my comfort zone was something that I wanted to do. Instead of going all in, I dipped a toe. I first decided to come up with a plan, how to execute it, and then implementation. This methodical approach made it feel less risky and has helped me try new experiences and endeavor. I recommend stepping out of your zones – it not only leads to growth but builds confidence. I have surprised myself with the things I can accomplish. Read more>>