We asked folks we admire to share one piece of conventional advice that they disagree with.

Brett Patterson | Snake and the Rabbit- Musicians, Content Creators, Audio Engineers

“Get married. Get a good job. Start a family.” It’s the cliché American Dream we’ve been told to aspire to our whole lives. There’s nothing wrong with it, but it is a little stale for our tastes. We got married young, but opted for travelling and playing music for the first 11 years of our marriage. Snake and the Rabbit has been our “lovechild” since we got married in 2010. We’ve been fortunate enough to play music all over North America in our 20’s, in a never-ending honeymoon phase. You’ll always be able to start a new career or start a family. You won’t always have the ability to travel the country for a decade, making memories with your best friend. We’ve had so much fun the last eleven years and we encourage everyone to travel and get outside as much as possible. That’s why we love Colorado! Now that we’re older and COVID stopped a lot of live music, we’ve transitioned to doing more live streams and home-based projects. We’ve been focusing less on live shows and more on merchandise, content and business partnerships with companies like Distillery 291. You can check us out and stay up-to-date at www.snakeandtherabbit.com. Read more>>

Julia Blackwell | Kinetix Practitioner and Pain Relief Coach

Over the past decade working specifically on the fascial system, I ‘ve found that where you’re feeling pain is rarely the problem. So many clients begin with me after going from doctor to doctor, therapist to therapist, all of whom had spent the vast majority of the time looking for answers at the site of pain. Your body is held together by fascia, an elaborate system of “plastic-wrap” like connective tissue that organizes your shape, structure, and texture. This inner plastic wrap suit is all connected, so when one area gets “crinkled up”, it pulls and overstretches other areas to compensate for this lack of space. Pain and mobility issues tend to pop up in the area that’s overstretched or compensating. This means in order to find the root cause of pain and ultimately eliminate it for good, it’s imperative you expand your search! Teaching my clients about pain patterns and the lines of pull in your fascia has usually been met with, “this makes so much sense! I can’t believe no one has ever looked in this area to relieve my pain!” Read more>>

David Oster | Naturopathic Doctor (ND), Specialized in Integrative Oncology (FABNO)

There is still a commonly-shared opinion among conventional oncologists, which was appropriate to hold to 20-years ago though not true and quite outdated today, that “unfortunately, there is just no scientific evidence supporting the use of natural approaches in the field of oncology; whether to help you get through your conventional treatments, or for the hope of a potential anti-tumor impact in your case”. Again, this notion was true 20 years ago but is certainly no longer accurate in 2021. Research to find out if, and which, natural approaches actually work for cancer patients started in the mid-90’s and has been robustly added to ever since. Today, the amount of published evidence supporting the benefits for particular natural compounds and strategies to complement conventional treatments like chemotherapy and radiation is vast and of high quality. Read more>>

Brandy and Leo Nunes | Insurance Brokerage Owners

Don’t have a “Plan B.” It’s all or nothing on your dreams. Having a Plan B only helps plant doubt in your mind that things may not work out, giving you a way out when times get tough. Being an entrepreneur is not easy. You’ll want to quit – sometimes multiple times in a day. Keep moving forward. You will fail at times but no matter what – stick to Plan A. Read more>>

Laurel Hill | Intuitive Guide

Honestly, most of it! Most business advice has us start from a desired endpoint and work backwards, but life doesn’t work like that. Nature doesn’t work like that. Nature unfolds from the inside out, it doesn’t say, “Ok, in quarter 2 we’re gonna need an earthquake over here so we can reach our 4th quarter goals.” The earthquake just happens when it happens. It happens when it’s ready. That’s not to say that we should just sit back passively and wait for things to happen to us– we have to be active participants in the creation, while being flexible and open to the possibilities that life is showing us. It’s important to remember that our personal goals are usually created from a very limited perspective, so we might only see a tiny fraction of our infinite potential, and then box ourselves into that smaller life. Read more>>