We asked rising stars from the community one of our favorite questions: other than deciding to work for yourself, what was the single most important decision you made that contributed to your success?

Caitlin Booth | Realtor

Sticking to a schedule and morning routine has been a very important factor that has contributed to my success. I took Ninja Selling a couple of years ago and got so much out of it. Not only did it show me how to create a morning routine but, it taught me the philosophy of building relationships, listening to the customer, and helping them achieve their goals. I stopped “selling” and learned how to create value for my clients instead. That and sticking to my routine has changed my career for the best. Read more>>

Cashmiyr Scott | Permanent Makeup Artist

Not to sound cliche but for me it was not giving up on myself. The permanent makeup industry can be be scary starting out with all the uncertainties. Your’re literally tattooing someone’s face and to be successful you have to believe in yourself and maintain a certain level confidence at all times. Many things can become a challenge from not being able to book clients, not being well versed in setting up your business legally, to struggling to become profitable. Unfortunately many artist give up on their business before it has time to grow and flourish which is unfortunate because the journey can be rewarding when you stick with it. I speak with a lot of new artist reaching out with questions on how to grow improve and I always remind them to never loose sight of why they started and to keep pushing through. Read more>>

Ciara Pacheco | Makeup Artist & Creative

Taking the time to invest into my mental health has been the single most important decision I made in my career as a self-employed artist. Regardless of the industry, I think we can all agree that working for yourself is in the simplest of terms.. hard. It takes the upmost dedication to yourself, your craft and your success with no one there to constantly push you – That is part of your job. It is extremely rewarding yet… very difficult. But it’s not enough to anticipate the basic challenges of starting your own business or being self-employed. The mental toll of taking on the task of an entire team is challenging in itself. Which is why it is so important to invest into your own mental health and find healthy ways to decompress. I made the mistake early on by not acknowledging the effects of self-employed-stress on my physical and mental health. Read more>>

Allen Baca | Professional Audio Technician / Engineer

The decision to move to Los Angeles in the mid 80’s changed the course of my career in the professional audio industry. Read more>>