We asked some of the most inspiring folks we know to tell us what they are inspired by.

Jess Spencer | Freelance Digital Creator

The day I started snowboarding I was instantly inspired by people like Kelly Clark, The Frends Crew, Mark McMorris etc. I would see these competitors on TV looking like they are living their BEST life’s, and I instantly knew I wanted to be apart of this community in some way. Read more>>

Sarah Turner | Wedding Designer & Planner

Every love story is different. Whether they are high-school sweethearts, met at the LAX Starbucks, or their co-workers set them up – somehow their worlds collided and they met. Oliva Willow is a combination of drive and serendipity. We are creators of memorable weddings and events for extraordinary people. We pride ourselves on our collaborative approach, focusing the design process on the couples unique love story and vision. Read more>>

Cipriano Ortega | Musician & Performing Artist

My current two string slide bass project is inspired by Mark Sandman. He was the lead singer of the Boston based band Morphine. Discovering his instrument (the two string slide bass) made me realize the potential of limitations and simplicity. Mark inspired me so much that I have built 4 two string slide basses of my own. Why just two strings? Every string has every note. With that being said, my main for this project is to say what I must with limited instrumentation. Read more>>