We asked folks we admire to tell us about what they want their legacy to be. Check out their responses below.

JayLynn McDaniel | SOULpreneur, Creator, Candle Maker, Model

A term that I recently discovered that I am now always using to describe me is a SOULpreneur. When I first heard this word, I related to it instantly. The definition of a Soulpreneur is an artist, a craft person or entrepreneur who has created a business out of something that aligns with their higher calling. They view what they do as an expression of their higher self. My legacy. I ponder about this question a lot and what exactly legacy means to me, I know that I’m forever evolving, creating and building my legacy each and every single day. My legacy is bigger than myself, it goes beyond my business, it goes beyond this dimension. I believe that legacy is deeply embedded in love,soul and inspiration- how your vibe, your energy, your actions influence others and what knowledge and beliefs you leave behind even after your physical body is no longer on this Earth. Read more>>

Nicki Dunnavant | CVD Founder & Executive Director

I would love for my legacy to be progress in the movement toward reproductive justice in the Denver birth community. Black birthers die at three to four times the rate of white birthers and unfortunately Denver is no exception to this trend. At the Colorado Volunteer Doulas, we’re working to not only provide volunteer labor doula services to folx that want it, but to also train and mentor our doulas to better recognize the injustices in our healthcare systems, understand their own implicit biases, and to support and empower our clients within these constraints. Read more>>

Matison Card | Actor, Podcast Host, Singer-Songwriter, Model, Burlesque Dancer

I’ve always been fascinated with the idea that you can leave something behind. Sure we aren’t immortal, but if you put your heart and soul into your art- the art has a chance to be immortal. I would love nothing more than to be remembered for my acting, music, and modeling. Read more>>

Melissa Clement | Market Owner

The whole reason that I started Farmgirl Foods is because I knew there needed to be a place for people to gather, shop and eat and, feel the love of our local makers, growers and artisans. I want my legacy to be the place I created and to pass my love for food to future generations. I see the products we offer at the Mercantile as a way to show love to my community. Whether I’m teaching or catering, helping a customer find the perfect ingredient, spoiling their dog, scoring the cutest home decor, or providing much needed pain relief with our CBD products, I want our customers to feel like I’ve just wrapped my arms around them and hugged them tight. So when you ask “what do I want people to remember about me” is that I loved food, I love what I do, and I loved sharing it with family, friends and our community. Most of all, I want to be remembered as someone with a kind heart whose eyes lit up when I talked about what I do here, and that you could literally FEEL my passion for it. Read more>

Badi Tolo | Founder/Creative Director

I hope people remember me as always authentic. I’ve never done any of the things I’ve done or worked any of the ways I worked because I wanted some sort of personal recognition or praise for it. If that comes organically with it, then I’m doing something right, but that’s never been the end game for me. I would want people to remember me for who I believe I am and strive to be at my core. Someone who was ready and willing to explore ways that he could help those in need. Someone who did his best to treat everyone with dignity and respect. Someone who recognized that none of us are perfect, but we can all try to Do More, Be More and Give More of ourselves when the opportunity presents itself because it makes a difference. If we’re not here to try to make an impact in some way or another, why are we here? I believe if you can inspire one individual in life, that’s an accomplishment worth celebrating. Read more>>

Beth Erlander | Creative Grief Support Practitioner and Art and Body-Centered Psychotherapist

I’d love my legacy in the world to be about helping to normalize grief. I strive to live in a world where when we see complete strangers breaking down and crying or being really upset, that we simply come closer and ask if they need anything, or just give them a tissue and glass of water and give them permission to let that grief burst or emotional outburst to be fully expressed. If I could be remembered for that, I would feel so proud of my life. Read more>>

Olivia Mason | Co-Founder and Owner of Brandout Social

I want to leave behind a legacy of serving people and sharing their stories with the world. I believe that every single person has a story to tell and that its our job to share our stories with other people. Building a human connection is something that is at the core of what I do, how I run my business, and how I invest in the communities around me. I believe that human beings crave human connection. People want to be seen. People want to be heard. That’s why I want to be remembered as the person who always had a listening ear, who woke up every day a little more excited to find ways to serve the Kingdom of God, and who no matter what came my way, always had something positive to bring to the table. Read more>>