We asked some of the happiest folks we know to tell us their secret.

Harrisyn Hartt | Artist-Musician-Producer-Content Creator

I enjoy connecting with other artists from all over the world, and creating new things with them. Art, Music or Visuals I just need to create. This makes me happy because I find it quite fulfilling. Read more>>

McKenzie Coyle | Wedding & Lifestyle Photographer

The root of happiness is different for everyone, but in my life it comes from relationships and my faith more than anything else. I could travel the world, have any material thing, book the best weddings and have any success defined by societal standards, but if not for the people in my life and my relationship with Jesus I would feel a major lack of purpose. I’ve always said when I travel alone it’s never as fulfilling to me because there’s no one to turn to and share the experience with. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll take any excuse to travel, but for me it’s people that make a place. I have so many amazing people in my life, and I truly believe you reap what you sow. That’s true for everything, but I think quality relationships are more important than anything. They’ll be there when you’ve had a hard day, when you lose out on an opportunity, don’t have money, etc. Loving people and being intentional about relationships is always worth it. Aside from my relationships, my faith is what I put my hope in. Read more>>

Barbara Randell | Relationship Expert

I adore being a Mom, I’m absolutely crazy about my career passion project, Future Image Group, and as it turns out, they are not dissimilar. The day my son came into the world, I made a promise to him: I would always and unconditionally love him, provide a safe, caring and affectionate home, guide him in this thing called ‘life’, help him make sense of things he didn’t understand, help him uncover his own unique gifts and offerings to present to the world, catch him when he stumbled, lend guidance, correct him when he was wrong and aid him in learning the lessons from the mistake, and set and example as a good, kind and empathetic mother without judgement with as much as my 30 years of experience ahead of him would allow. It hasn’t always been easy truthfully, but it has been the most rewarding journeys in my life so far. Read more>>

Krista Powers | Maple Syrup Producer & Out-of-Doors Adventurer

The simple things in life make me happy and fill my bucket. I love being in the out-of-doors with family and friends, exploring new places and old places alike. There is always different light in an ever changing season to see something new in every place I’ve been so retuning to those is always magical. Then there are all the places on my growing “bucket list” that I have yet to see. In exploring all those places, it is made better by sharing with my loved ones. Read more>>

Amanda Neaton | Pastry Chef

Creating beautiful and delicious art for my client’s special occasions! I have long believed that food helps restore us; body, heart and soul. It brings us together in celebrations. It offers us comfort and when shared with friends and loved ones, it brings joy. I strive to provide my community delicious baked goods to add to their celebrations, to their dinner tables, picnics and parties, and to create moments and memories of happiness and pleasure. Being able to be a part of my client’s memorable moments is what makes me happy!. Read more>>