We regularly ask our interviewees what makes them happy because at the end of the day, what else really matters? We’ve highlighted some of the responses below.

Natalie Pigliacampo | Fine Art Photographer

Pursuing a meaningful life makes me happy. A meaningful life involves striving and adventure. Art, for me, is meaningful work, and I find creating beauty and putting it out into the world has been the most fun adventure. Read more>>

Susan Humphrey | Artist and Photographer

Happiness is a state of mind, in my opinion. You can be happy, mad, sad and other “feelings” at a whim. I am determined to be happy because it makes my life better. Here are some of the things that truly make me happier. -My family, I love my husband of 50 years, my daughter and her family! My 2 grandchildren are rascals and make me smile. I love teaching them new and interesting things about the life we live. Read more>>

Susan Loupee | Mother, Wife, & Floral Designer

Bringing joy to others makes me happy, it always has. I try to let that be the driving force in my decisions throughout each day. Read more>>

Emma Brown | Fly Fishing Guide & Horse Back Riding Instructor/Guide

For me, true happiness is satisfaction in productively following through with my passion. A huge part of that is helping other human beings in their journey- wherever that may be. I often look to my work as a horse riding instructor to help folks work through fears, struggles and overall obstacles in the saddle. When I am able to put a smile on someone’s face, and show that folks belong and can feel deeply connected through fly fishing, horse back riding and immersion in nature- that is what makes me happy. Read more>>