How do you think about risk? What role has taking risks played in your life/career? Check out responses from hidden gems from our community below.

Nolan J. Bowman II “Bøw1K” | Entrepreneur & Student

I’m a strong believer in risk taking as well as strongly being against stagnation. An object in motion stays in motion an object at rest stays at rest, you have to keep moving and taking risks to create change. Many times risk taking along with change is uncomfortable because it’s a position or situation in which you’ve never been in before. Read more>>

Kirsten Cohen Photographer | The Art of Sound + Vision

Taking risks is how I started my career in photography. With music photography in particular, I saw early on that no one was going to offer me anything, So I just started seeking out the opportunities that arose and I trusted that I was going in the right direction. Once I started doing that, the universe conspired and the opportunuties starting flowing. I just focused on what I loved about photography, and let the images speak for themselves. Read more>>

Kathryn Morgan | Fitness Specialist

Ever since a young age, I have been in constant search of growth. Whether it be getting to know myself better, reaching new professional milestones or even just pivoting with this ever changing world, I thrive off knowing that I am in motion because motion = life. I have always viewed risks as opportunities to learn and that perspective has absolutely set me apart in my professional fitness journey. Read more>>

Sarah Johnson | Environmental Education Specialist

Being entrepreneurial is inherently risky. Taking risks requires courage to step out into the world and bravery to show up as your best self. Stepping out into the freelance world as an environmental educator took incredible courage and to continue in this work each and every day strong in conviction to my work and my community requires my brave self. Read more>>

Ivey Rose | Professional Aggressive Roller Skater

Risk taking has played a large role in my life and career seeing as what I do is a constant risk. Aggressive roller skating is an extremely physical and risky thing to do on a daily basis. Anytime I am trying something new, whether it be a flip or a 12 foot drop in, the risk of falling and hurting myself is always there. But on the contrary of that, I could land it first try with absolutely no problem, and that makes the risk all worth it. I would be nowhere near where I am right now without the risk pushing me to want it more. Read more>>

Linda L Weise | Founder, Colorado Springs Conservatory- President, Colorado Springs Community Cultural Collective- Creator, PBS Children’s Program, Simple Gift Series

There has never been one step of my life’s journey that has been without risk. As a classically trained musician from several of the world’ finest institutions, it is noted all along the way that a path in the arts is a ‘risky’ one. So I really don’t recognize ‘risk’ as my peers in the business world do. I am very fortunate to have created a path, though abundant in said ‘risk’, more abundant in ‘mission’ and inspiration. I do believe there is more risk involved if I am not serving my life’s work- risk that I may not have been able to provide or create an opportunity for a child to have access to his/her own creative essence. That is a risk, I am not ready to succumb to. Read more>>

brian bonebrake | artist painter welder

rick taking .at the job fair artist had the shortes line . as a mater of fact there wasnt any one at the both either so i thought of a few question to ask if any one showed up . ..ilke why ?what do you have to offer what are you gone do diffrent ect .. then i got it .. thats way there was no line & none at the both your on your own with your own thoughts …. good luck Read more>>

Gabriele and Daniel Cuchiara | Neuromuscular Massage Therapists

Risk is not something we are shy about. There has been quite a few opportunities that we declined which could have propelled us forward as Massage Therapists – but deciding to put out efforts into our own dreams/passions has been a beautiful risk that we are taking for ourselves. Read more>>

Conor O’Shea | Social Worker/Outdoor Enthusiast

Risk is an essential and undervalued part of anyone’s life. It has played a major role in my life and has helped define the kind of person I strive to be. Most of the life changing decisions I’ve made in my life were based on risk and the acceptable amounts needed to achieve my goals. Read more>>

Alicia Kelly | Paper Artist + Instructor

I think risk is just part of the process if you decide to sign up to pursue a creative career. I knew when I was studying art at college, that my path after would not be laid out in front of me- rather I needed to creative problem solve how I wanted to set up and afford a life that could focus on maximum time in the studio. Of course, I am still learning how to sculpt and re-sculpt what that perfect world looks like that includes a healthy balance of studio work and life. Read more>>

Angel Espino | Abstract Expressionist

Anytime you want to grow in your personal life and or career, one has to step out of their comfort zone. This means taking a lot of risk. The risk or failure, risk of rejection and a risk of wasting your time. We all take a risk
in our own ways. Read more>>

Shari Pederson | Photographer and Software Engineer

Life is all about risks and I have taken several high risks in which some payed off and some, well, didn’t….yet :). Whether a risk payed off or not though doesn’t mean that there weren’t lessons to be learned. I took a risk leaving a toxic marriage and became a single mom and then took a huge risk in moving to Colorado (from ND) not knowing anyone. Read more>>

Dale Remsberg | IFMGA Mountain Guide

The thing about being a climbing guide is that you have to accept that the job is dangerous and that you can’t control it. You have to mitigate it and be honest with yourself and your clients on approaching risk with some acceptance. The term “safe” is used a lot and it an inappropriate term in adventure sports. We can’t keep you safe but we can acknowledge the risks and use our training and tools to reduce the likely hood of an event that has a negative outcome! Read more>>

Britt Dosdall | Event Designer + Planner

“No Risk, No Reward” – this is often the saying we hear when it comes to deciding whether or not to take a risk. As cliche as it may be, I whole heartedly agree! Fear is typically what stops us from taking risks but I believe fear is the opposite of faith. If I have faith in myself as a business owner, my ideas, my brand and ultimately about the service that my company provides, then there is no room for fear in my day to day. Read more>>

JEN BILGER | Certified Behavioral Consultant and Coach

Taking risks have always been a big part of my life. Growing up, the ‘normal’ and accepted path was always something that I knew I did not want to take. It was hard to admit that for a long time, that my path was not the same as so many others around me. I was not satisfied with the normal path and that made me so very different than those around me. It was not easy feeling the pain of rejection at times, but I needed to be true to who I wanted to become and what I wanted to experience. I found those who believed in me and supported me gave me the strength to take those risks. Read more>>

Desiree (Papoosedoll) Delgado | Mama, Spray Tan Artist, Social Media Manager, Jewelry Consultant, Influencer/Model

Risks are uncomfortable & scary. Commonly we want to be comfortable and play everything safe. For me however the best outcomes have been by taking risks. From leaving the club scene where I made large sums of money to spending a big part of my savings to start up my own businesses. Investments are the best risks you can take. Even if it doesn’t end up working out you don’t have the thought of thinking what if AND you never know what kind of door it will open or lead to. Life has a way of giving back what you put out. All you have to do is show up. Read more>>

Patrick Murakami | Insurance Agency Owner

When it comes to risk, there are several methodologies on this. When you’re un-purposed, life feels like a gamble. When you are able to see the fruits of your labor, your ideas come to fruition and your confidence in self and thought formulate you realize that risks become less risky. Read more>>

Dr. Garrett Goggans | Mindset Engineer

Everything I am today has everything to do with risk. To obtain anything of worth out of life you must take a certain amount of risk. Unfortunately, most will never get there. We are too fearful of loss, rejection, or just failure in general. It has always been curious to me why failure is the first thought that we turn to when presented with an opportunity. Read more>>

Merritt Onsa | Dream Coach & Podcast Host

Taking risks is all about stepping outside of your comfort zone and choosing to relinquish the perceived comfort or security of the status quo. I believe risk taking is incredibly important in helping a person grow and learn from new opportunities. It’s also how we get outside of what can become “the daily grind” or a funk when we’re doing the same things over and over again because we’ve always done it this way. Read more>>

Nicole Millman | Political Photojournalist/Visual Storyteller

I think of risk more so as something that is a little farfetched, yet still bold and strategic. I took a huge risk when I sent a long-shot email back in 2018 to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s press team, asking to photograph the campaign for my thesis. My message started with a quote by Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, and it has since come to define my outlook as a photographer, “The size of your dreams must always exceed your current capacity to achieve them”. At the time, I felt I was not ready to work on a “big time” campaign, but I took a chance. Read more>>

Jordan Kurtz | MMA Commentator, Radio Host, Content Creator, Podcaster, and Writer

No nuts, no glory. I used to be very reserved when it came to taking risks and putting myself out there, but I wasn’t happy and wasn’t on track to where I wanted to be in life. A month into starting my business and operations, I got the worst phone call I’ve ever gotten in my life. I had just finished recording a podcast I got the call that my little brother was found dead. Read more>>

Taylor Frazier | Floral & Event Designer

Risk taking… what a fun topic! I’m a huge risk taker, but in the aspect of if I’m going to risk this – make the jump – take the leap – I’m going 100% all in. Let me tell you a story – I went to college to be an educator. I taught 2nd grade at an elementary school in Las Vegas for two years, and coached varsity softball. I liked what I did. I loved my kids. I loved coaching. Read more>>