In our experience, most folks, including ourselves don’t have enough of an understanding of risk and the role it plays in our lives and careers and so we have made a concerted effort as a team to have conversations about risk with our interviewees. We’ve shared some highlights below.

Drew DeRose | Video Producer

Risk is an important piece of any career, especially mine. Risk is faith—placing your confidence in the unseen with the hope of what it could be in the future. When I was about to graduate college, I was wrapping up my degree in accounting. This was a safe, well-paid career. All the steps had been laid out before me, and the path was clear. Instead, I took a risk and started my video production company. Read more>>

Maria de Los Angeles (Angel) Figueroa | Cake Artist/business owner

Professionally, “risk” to me it’s only a risk if you’re not following what you truly love. If you are, then it’s just an opportunity to grow or learn. Choosing to go to Culinary School for many could have been a “risk”. At the time, trained cook was just starting to be consider an actual career. For me it was just following my passion. Personally, moving to the US for love was maybe a “risk” for many. In Chile I had job opportunities, my family and friends.To me, was just starting a life with the man I loved. Read more>>

Laura & Hugo Bertaud | Elopement Photographer & Videographer

We never thought that we would become elopement photographers, it was actually never something that crossed our minds. Coming from first generation, Mexican-American backgrounds choosing the safest, stable career was the only option for us. We didn’t have support around us to teach us how to run a business because nobody around us ever had and we had no clue about how to start a successful career ourselves. The way we were brought up, Read more>>

Leighton Smith | Golf Professional and Entrprenuer

Whew, risk taking… I have taken some risks in my life and career, but none quite like one I just embarked on. I’ve been self employed for 5 year now and I have a golf coaching business. I’ve always had low overhead though, which has been my way to mitigate risk. Not anymore though! I just signed a commercial lease on a warehouse in the heart of Colorado Springs and Im bringing a vision (and need for the community) to life. When it comes to finances I always play things safe. Im not big into debt and fancy things. Read more>>

Aviva Sonenreich | Managing Direction of the Warehouse Hotline. Leveraging advanced marketing techniques to maximize your commercial real estate results | #1 Commercial Real Estate Broker on Tik Tok

Life is a balance of risk and reward. It’s important to be self aware enough to understand when to practice risk. That said, the bigger the risk the bigger the reward. A younger person can and should have a larger appetite for risk as they have few responsibilities. I follow suit. The older you get and the more responsibilities you have, one should taper their risk to a level that supports their needs. For now, I’m playing risky as hell. Read more>>

Ella Vance | Film Director and Producer

Risks are vital in the pursuit of any dream. It is human nature to enjoy feeling comfortable and safe, and there is certainly an inherent fear in the unknown. But prioritizing that comfort over opportunities for growth is when I find myself getting stuck. It’s a constant internal struggle that is so easily triggered by bouts of perfectionism or self doubt, but I have never once regretted taking a risk, especially when that risk presents an opportunity that aligns with my goals as an artist. Read more>>

Aiden Aliouche | Entrepreneur and Adrenaline Junky

I believe risk is your opportunity to prove to yourself just how capable you are. I started thinking this way after taking up Freestyle Cliff Diving as a hobby. I was nineteen, and was two weeks into living in my first van. I was in Oregon meeting up with a friend from high-school and a certified adrenaline junky. I found him after a two mile hike through the forrest, standing on the top of a sixty five foot cliff preparing to jump with around twenty of his cliff jumping buddies. That day I made up my mind that I would be getting over my fear of heights real soon. Read more>>

Nazla Anna Rowan | Photographer

What’s that saying, “Without risk there is no reward”? I feel like I’ve known that I my whole life. It is what has lead me to being an entrepreneur. I knew that I never wanted to work for someone. I wanted to be the leader of my own success. I didn’t realize that the paths my careers took me would bring me to this moment. The moment I became my own boss and saw that I could be successful on my own, I knew there was no going back. The anxiety of the unknown but trusting the process has continued to lead me to my calling. Taking the risk to invest in myself and my passion has proven to give great rewards. Read more>>

Robby Ciganek | Singer / Songwriter for the band Brother Ryan

I think without any risk, nothing of real value can actually be attained. Whether it be a job, a relationship, choosing a new place to call home, or writing a song that is drawn from the most personal and intimate parts of our being, risk is that chance we take that maybe someone feels the same way we do. Specifically when it comes to crafting a song, often times the only thing we really have to give is our own story or perspective. It isn’t always a new chord or riff that someone will hear for the first time that will move them, I feel like almost every chord progression has probably been played or written, Read more>>

Lexi Zadak Schmidt | Nutrition & Wellness Coach

This is an awesome question! You never know unless you try, right? All my life I’ve always said I’d rather regret the things I DID do than regret the things I DIDN’T do and should have done. So with that philosophy, I am a big believer in taking risks because you never know where it might get you. Even if that risk doesn’t get you exactly where you had hoped it would, you likely still learned something along the way, so the risk was still worth it. Read more>>

Beth Cochran | Founder Owner What’s UP Public Relations and Brand Marketing

Risk has been everything. In 1997, I launched my own business from the United States with a cell phone and laptop, opening an international sports marketing public relations firm. My first clients were Lafuma France and Deuter Germany I was truly a pioneer in the international remote offices genre. I traveled to trade shows, sales meetings and was available at all times. Read more>>

Jackie Hile | Writer & Baker

Like the saying goes, no risk, no reward. Taking risks is a necessary part of growth and learning, and I wouldn’t be where I am today in life if I hadn’t taken the risks that I did. That doesn’t mean I was always successful, but each time I took a risk I gained something because I discovered something I hadn’t known before. You can’t grow if you’re not being challenged, and taking risks is one of the best ways to challenge yourself. Read more>>

Kirsten Alexis | Content Creator and Social Media Consultant

I’ve always believed that taking risks and getting outside our comfort zones are crucial to our personal growth. I was told from a young age that the biggest failure is not trying, and that has left a lasting impact on how I deal with risk today. I think taking risks is the only way we ever get to reach our goals, but they have to be safe and calculated. Read more>>

Shauna Sankey | Black Girl Salsa, Colorado Salsa Maker Brings some Spice into your life

I’m a tail end GenX er, there was no IG FB or Twitter when I was in high school, everything that I aspired for was based upon old fashion ideals. I was taught to go to school, get a degree (no matter what it was in) and get a job to provide for yourself and family. So I did just that. I’m a Graduate from UCCS, and work for the State of Colorado. I’ve always played it safe, no risk, AT ALL! Where as Mininialls are more prone to try to make money from their passions, I was taught to play it safe. Read more>>

O’Neil Rudolph | CEO of cannachange

For me, not taking risks has always felt riskier than taking them. When I’ve been at points in my life where I was so unhappy, so unfulfilled, and felt completely stuck, taking a risk was the only way to get out of that space, and deciding not to take them would mean allowing those feelings to grow and take over, which has always seemed much scarier. One of the most memorable times where that applied was when I worked so hard to get into the college I thought I’d be happiest at, moved my whole life to another state to attend that college, and then found myself at a complete loss when I realized the college experience was not at all for me. Read more>>

Aleesha Johnson | Entrepreneur & Self – Care Advocate

I ‘m a ‘touch the stove to see if it’s hot’ person. To many people that isn’t an ideal trait, but I like to figure things out on my own. Risk and experience have propelled my life in many directions. I know if things don’t work as planned, it adds to my story. Every day you wake up, you decide how your day will go. You can intentionally play it safe or intentionally take a risk. Read more>>