We asked insiders and experts from various industries to tell us something they think outsiders are unaware of and we’ve shared a few of those responses below.

Ryan Fila | Creative Storyteller // Photographer & Videographer

Environment is HUGE! No one wants to stand in front of a camera and feel awkward. On my end as a photographer/videographer it’s easy to focus on the camera, lighting, and setup, but it’s also easy to lose focus of who I’m capturing. They are the most important aspect of the whole shoot, and making them feel excited to be in front of the camera should be number one priority! Read more>>

Mike Weakley | Songwriter-Producer

I’ve found more recently that the music industry is about consistency. Not everything you put your energy into will be successful but it’s the loses that teach you how to make the next move win. Read more>>

Elissa Jacob | Doctor of Physical Therapy & Personal Trainer

1) The variety of tools Physical Therapists are educated in to provide pain-relief, improved mobility, recovery, and overall function. 2) How well Physical Therapy and Personal Training go together to help clients reach the best version of themselves both in everyday life and in their individual pursuit of health and fitness. Read more>>

Destiny Muhammad | MusicPrenuer

I think one thing about my industry, music, that outsiders are probably unaware is how much we work at making the performance look effortless. The hours of personal practice and then practice and rehearsal with other musicians in preparation for a a performance. Read more>>

Kelsey & Kara Breitung | Hemp Farmers, Rosin Specialists, Proud owners of a vertically integrated company.

One thing that outsiders out of our industry may not realize is that there are widely different approaches to CBD oil extraction. Most companies use a solvent to quickly blast out the CBD oil and then rely on evaporation for the solvents to go away. Read more>>