We asked insiders and experts from various industries to tell us something they think outsiders are unaware of and we’ve shared a few of those responses below.

Eric Peterson | CEO/Founder of Seniors4Seniors 501 (c)(3) Non-Profit

As a caregiver in a senior care home I observed the unique challenges that the residents were facing that care homes really were unable to tap into for their well-being of even recognized. What I witnessed was the lack of human to human connection, recognizing that it was a serious issue even before the Covid-19 Pandemic. I choose to act on what I was seeing by choosing to personally getting fully invested in the cause. I was also aware that our high school youth, regardless of how may followers they had on social media or how many peers they associated, with are facing the same challenges as senior adults. With wanting to go ALL in, I developed the non-profit organization, Seniors4Seniors which engages in the reduction of isolation, loneliness, depression and suicide in these two vulnerable and important groups in our communities and society. Read more>>

Chelsea Elder | Executive Director

Adaptive sports provides much more than the opportunity for individuals with physical disabilities to get outside and play. Adaptive sports helps individuals with physical disabilities to reach their greatest potential, to achieve greater independence, to recreate with family and friends, to lessen depression and negative coping behaviors, to reduce pain, to experience camaraderie, to live a healthy, active lifestyle, to find an inclusive community and to experience the beauty and awe of nature. Read more>>

Sheryl Cremeens | Certified Herbalist & Spiritual Guide

What does an herbalist do? If most people were asked that, I think they might say that an herbalist would grow some plants and give to people to help them. That is probably the general gist of what people think. Herbalism does have the main mission of helping people but not every herbalist is going to do it the same way. Herbalism has so many diverse paths and that is what people are unaware of. Herbalism is wide ranging and herbalists have broad knowledge and talents. They not only see clients and work in clinics, they teach classes, write (books, magazine and newspaper articles, blogs, web content), make and sell herbal remedies or herbal crafts, run or work in an herb shop or natural food store, grow and sell live herbs, and work for an herb company. Herbalists even create herbal monographs and artwork. Read more>>

Nicholas Altomare | Residential Real Estate Agent – eXp Realty, LLC

Many people think that once you get your real estate license you will be successful, which is simply not the case. Being book smart does not transfer into real-life situations, a base of friends, family, and former co-workers reaching out to you to help them sell their home or look for a home. Like any business, knowledge comes with experience, business growth comes with earning trust. The effort and honesty that you put into your communication and how you interact with your business partners will leverage heavily in how your business grows. Read more>>

Dr. Seth Storment | Chiropractor

I believe that the one thing that is most misunderstood about Chiropractic is that it is only used to treat neck pain, back pain, and headaches. Sure, is the lessening of these things a natural side effect of Chiropractic care? Absolutely! It’s so much more than that though. First off I believe I don’t “treat” anything. Our bodies are a self healing, self regulating, self organizing organism that is driven by an Innate Intelligence that we all have. Our Nervous System is how this Innate Intelligence communicates with the body and how we respond to the environment. As a Chiropractor, it’s my duty to locate interference in this communication and remove it via the Chiropractic Adjustment. This allows the natural flow of communication to happen throughout the body to help it heal itself. This is why people will come to the office with back pain and over the course of care they realize they’re sleeping better, their regular heart burn or digestive issues resolve, they have more focus and energy throughout the day. Read more>>

Jenny Stafford | Playwright, Lyricist, Librettist, Theatre Educator

I think one thing that “outsiders” are probably not aware of about creating new work for theatre is how long it takes! They say the average development timeline for a new musical–from the time you first get the idea to the time it is actually staged in a full, major production–is about seven years. While some shows can take less time (I believe Hamilton took six years), many can take even more time than that. By the time you see a major musical onstage, it has been through many, many drafts, and often a rigorous development process that includes table readings, staged readings, workshops, and developmental productions. That’s why when people say to me, “Oh my gosh, you should write a musical about x,” I have to think to myself, “Do I want to devote the next seven to ten years of my life to this?” On the other hand, though, I love people who write for the theatre for that very reason–they are a group of incredibly passionate and dedicated people who care deeply about what they are creating. Read more>>