In our view, values and principles are the foundation upon which our lives, careers and relationships are built. So, we asked folks we admire to open up to us about the values and principles that matter most to them.

Jillian Livingston | Female Solo Entrepreneur, Blogger, Influencer, Connector

Relationships. The community of culture that I am building stems from the desire to help others before helping ourselves. What I have built is a true testament that success does indeed come from leading with this mindset. Read more>>

Adam Perry | Drummer, writer and veterans’ law paralegal

In creative endeavors – music, for me – as well as the business side of things and even hobbies such as softball or international adventure-cycling tours with groups, I’ve found it incredibly important to be prepared in a way that says you focused on your own performance and show up without excuses and without the expectation that anyone else will cover for your subpar performance and lack of personal preparation. Read more>>

Chester ] Moore | Wildlife Journalist and Children’s Advocate

The principle that matters most to me is give and it will be given unto you. Those are the words of Jesus of Nazareth and they resonate 2,000 years later. Hoarding talents, giftings, skills and even money is poison. By giving to others you can help lift them and create a culture around you that gives. Selfishness is the road to destruction. Giving opens up an environment where true love and charity can thrive. Read more>>