We asked folks to tell us about the most important decisions they’ve made along their journey and have shared some of the highlights below.

Dr. Jordanna Quinn, DO, MS | Regenerative and Anti Aging Medicine Expert

Prioritizing both my mental and my physical health has been the single most important decision that has contributed to my success. This is important for a variety of reasons, but first and foremost, if I have not prioritized my own health, why would patients take me seriously? Additionally, for any of us to show up at 110%, we must take our health into consideration. I spend much of my career helping busy athletes and professionals find time for their health. Many high performers have put their health on the back burner so that they could work more hours to be successful in their careers. While doing this, they have put their relationships with themselves, their families and their friends aside, all of which contribute to overall health and happiness and true success in the long run. It is important to be an active participant in our own health, just as much as we strive to achieve success in our work, home and spiritual life. Read more>>

Kellie Callaway | Mental Health Advocate and Animal Enthusiast

Deciding to life free from drugs and alcohol is, by far, the single most important decision that has contributed to my success. I come from an upbringing within a very toxic family system where mental illness, addictions, suicide, and alcoholism runs rampant. Becoming independently successful by overcoming my addictions and my struggles with mental illness is my biggest motivation. I have never been so happy. And I want to stay happy. To me, that is true success. Read more>>

Melissa Snow | Love and Life Coach, Speaker, Author and Host of The Quest For Love Podcast

Ten years ago, my first Life Coach asked me to finish this sentence: “I would be happy if only…” and I told her that I would be happy if only I hadn’t made so many bad decisions in my past that had led me to this place where I could never be happy, never be successful and never have the kind of life and love I really wanted. Her response changed my life forever. She said, “Your problem now is not all these bad choices you made – your problem now is the story you keep telling yourself about what that means about you and about the life you can have.” Deciding to believe her was the single most important decision I ever made. Deciding to believe that my fate had not been decided for me and that it was up to me to choose how my story ended changed everything for me. It allowed me to finally learn to take control of my thoughts and feelings and results rather than just sitting back and letting life happen to me. Read more>>

Paul & Katie McPherson | Photographer & Filmaker

Single most important decision my wife and I have made was to marry each other and start a family. Our love & friendship has created an opportunity for us to do things we could’ve never accomplished otherwise. Having 3 children has given us such a deep sense of purpose and motivation to go above and beyond in an effort to be successful. Our children also ground us to make sure that we’re leading our best life and striving to set a good examples. Every single day, we wake up with a determination to be productive and responsible with our stewardships. Those simple moments when the kids come in for a hug, or any chance we have an opportunity to interact and connect are by the highlights of our day. Read more>>

Renzo Ortega | Artist – Full Time Painter – Musician on Fridays.

I don’t think the concept “work for yourself” applies to me because I am an artist. And I want to twist the idea of “work for yourself” concerning the artist goal that I have, which is to generate access to the arts. I make cultural objects for people to appreciate; the audience is essential for the artist’s work. Beyond my studio practice, I have a social commitment to creating circumstances where people can connect with my artwork. In the long run, who “work for yourself” is the art itself, but not the artist/author. I grew up in Lima, Perú. A city where surf waves is a popular sport, and why not part of its identity. I am not a surfer, but since I was a little boy, I love surfing and other related sports such as boogie board and body surf; I feel it is part of my culture. I am a big follower of surf riders, and I watch surf competitions as any regular guy watches the football or basketball game. The single most important decision I made was to treat my art practice as surfing. Read more>>