We asked some of the city’s hidden gems to tell us about what they feel is the most important factor behind their success.

Bobby Stuckey | MS. Owner of Frasca Hospitality Group

The most important factor behind the success of the Frasca Hospitality Group brand is the team of leaders that I have the pleasure to work with and create the terroir of our brand. In wine making, we talk about terroir, that is part the ground, the soil, the vines planted, the weather of that year. And, in the restaurant business, our terroir is the people that I get to work with every day that really are the shepherds of our brand.Read more>>

Hannah Lovato | Licensed Esthetician / Professional HMUA

I have built my business upon these key principles. 1. Have integrity 2. Do your best always 3. Be consistent 4. Find passion in your work 5. Love what you do 6. Be organized 7. Prioritize and Set Goals
8. Family then Career Read more>>

Susan Alderfer | Professional Photographer

One of the most important factor’s behind my success is Integrity and Passion. Each of my clients is very special to me. I see my clients as individual people and I like to learn a little bit about my client to capture exactly who they are during a photoshoot. I want each photoshoot to be unique and special.I feel that as a small business owner, there are several aspects to owning a business, Honesty, integrity and humility. I love our community and always give back thru my photography. I feel it is very important to collaborate with all small business owners and bring everyone together. Read more>>

Gina Gibbons | DJ

Playing.What.I.Love. It’s a very common idea, yet within the general umbrella of ‘doing what you love’ there will be many temptations to stray from your clear truth. Flexibility is important but you can also create too much space in which to wander away from your original vision and focus. For me as a DJ, I’ve been very clear from day one as to what type of music I want to play. I only want to share music that brings me alive. This means, I have to turn down opportunities that don’t fully align with my exact niches. This can be scary and counterintuitive, especially at the beginning, yet the reward of discernment and authenticity is priceless. Read more>>

Sarah Rimmel | Inclusive Leadership & Somatic Coach – Cultivating Ease

In visioning Inclusion Spark, it has been important to build alongside people invested in the growth and resilience of our families, communities, and ourselves. We can do more together than we can alone, and we can take care of each other in the process. This guiding principle reminds me and the people I partner with to leverage our diverse strengths as we orient to sustainable change. Our vision is to spark social change, interdependence and collaborative impact among Colorado individuals, businesses, and nonprofit organizations. Read more>>

Daphna & Yael | Owners

It’s all about people. By developing close relationships with our families coming in for lessons, and our incredible staff, we were able to create a community that we were happy to be a part of. We wanted to come to work every day to a place where people felt joyful to be there! When we opened up our facility, we also wanted that to translate into making sure the space emulated that feeling. Read more>>

Anusha Moodley | Small Business Owner

Perseverance and perspective. Success doesn’t come without challenges and I think that being persistent and having a problem-solving approach to business challenges has been the driving factor behind my business success. Read more>>

Sara Blette & Lexis Krieg | Interior Designer & Artist

The most important factor in our success is collaboration creates connection.
For the past decade we have independently owned their own creative businesses. Starting with interior and graphic design, they both learned to hone their craft into a lifestyle business that supports their creative and financial needs. Read more>>

Ashlie Weisel | Owner and designer

Community and connection. It’s making sure we include everyone in what we are doing. It’s capturing the lifestyle of the mountains and sharing positive, uplifting vibes in the designs I create. Read more>>

Kelly Valentine | Owner & Founder of Scout Dry Goods & Trade

I think one of the most important factors behind Scout remaining open and profitable for almost 14 years is because I approach the business from a non-profit mindset. I come from a non-profit background, so its always at the forefront of my mind to do things as inexpensively as possible, build in a variety revenue generating streams, give the community want they want in an easy and friendly way and try to be of service to the communities that our physical locations are in .Read more>>