Artists and creatives face innumerable challenges given that their career path often doesn’t come with a playbook, a steady paycheck or any form of safety net. It’s definitely not easy and so we asked a few of the artists and creatives we admire to talk to us about why they chose to pursue an artistic or creative career.

Jarrod Perrott | Owner

The best thing about what I do is it allows me to pursue my interests in both business and art. I was an artistic kid and grew up in my Dad’s frame shop which he started in Littleton in 1991 and then moved to Cherry Creek in 1993. I was an only child, and I spent much of my time drawing and was very much “right brained” as they say. I later went on to pursue a BA in English-Communications from Fort Lewis College, which more or less included a minor in filmmaking. So that artistic streak has always been there. But in 2009 I was presented with an opportunity of a lifetime, to own my own business. It was the height of the recession and I couldn’t find a job after relocating back to Denver from Durango. My Dad had heard of a small frame shop in LoDo that was for sale. Due to the recession, it was either going to be sold at a very low price, or go out of business. I was fortunate enough to get a loan from my folks, which I paid off 6 years later, and the rest is history. We’re now one of the busiest frame shops in Colorado, and people send us art from all around the country because they respect the quality of our work. Read more>>

Alexa Ballenger | Artist & Designer Behind Go Paint the Wild

It happened naturally. I’d always doodled, painted and sketched – my mom made sure there were a plethora of art supplies available to me growing up. Even in college, when I decided to take a step away from art and earn a degree in Environmental Science, I still created on the side, letting my formal education informing the artwork I made in my free time. Eventually I started to experiment with graphic design, and began helping small businesses brand themselves after I successfully created my own. I can also help with strategy and implementation, and have successfully applied these skills to my own business and seen lots of wonderful success. Read more>>

Joshua Pass | Sculptor

Every year as a kid when my mother asked me what do I want to be the answer every year was an artist. As a kid I was so intrigued by a show that was attached to reading rainbow that showed you how to draw objects 3d and other various drawing techniques. As I continued to grow making and creating seemed to be the dominant thing that made sense to me. Even in playing it seemed that making something dominated what I did it didn’t matter if it was making a track for a bike or making a pinewood derby car. I was also lucky enough that there were still shop classes in both middle school and high school, this was definitely where I excelled and couldn’t get enough. After high school it took a bit of various trades of making and a BFA degree before I realized that my best voice was as a sculptor. I love visually communicating. Read more>>

Kailina Erickson | Filmmaker | Videographer

I have always had a passion for filmmaking, even when I was a kid, I used to love to take a camcorder and record everything. I absolutely love the way video shows a moment in motion, and the way that it truly tells a story. Read more>>

Madi Lyn | Filmmaker & Photographer

The only thing that has ever really made sense to me is film. I’ve been interested in it my whole life and completely dedicated my college studies to honing a style and vision. When life becomes too much, a film can completely change your disposition. I’ve learned countless things from the movies, from how to handle difficult emotions to how to plan the perfect heist. The ancient Greeks used theatre as a tool for emotional catharsis, and I believe film to have a very similar role in our contemporary society, As a tool, it can be used to accomplish all kinds of different goals and there’s a beauty in that. Being able to participate in something that beautiful and integral to humankind is a responsibility and a blessing. Read more>>

Jennifer Buchanan | Jewelry Designer

Growing up sailing & traveling with my family instilled in me an awe and appreciation for the sea and natural world. During college I began to immerse myself in various creative endeavors. Starting with basket weaving and stone carving then moving into jewelry design. The respect I have for the natural world i love to channel through my jewelry pieces. The creation of my jewelry business has been an organic process taking all the teaching and skills I have learned over years into this jewelry medium. Read more>>