We asked some of the city’s leading artists and creatives to tell us about how they decided to pursue an artistic or creative career. We’ve shared some highlights below.

Lennart Homann | Landscape Photographer

Simply put, I have always explored the arts. Everything from photography, painting, glass blowing, woodworking, graphic design, music production, and mixed – media. Whether it was a form of escape as a child or a way to express to the world how I feel and who I am, being a creative is and has always been the one thing that truly makes me feel like myself. Transitioning this into a career path was nothing more than an obvious next step for me. Speaking for myself, although being creative feels the most natural, there is a certain level of obsession that comes with creating art. Read more>>

Kimberly Nick Gutierrez | Illustrator and Designer

I’ve known since I was six that I wanted to pursue a creative career. I grew up being told by my parents that I could be anything I wanted and they have been very supportive of my choice to work in a creative field. I think the reason I gravitated towards art is because I enjoy creating things and I use my art to communicate with others. Read More>>

Linh Vo | Artist and Business Owner

Art has always been a big part of me growing up. From an early age, I was doodling on every single scrap of paper I could find around the house. I remembered taking advantage of every recession in 5th grade trying to get all my homework done so I could spend the whole night drawing at home. At the time, I was creating my very first comic zine series, it was a spin off version of Sailor Moon. I released it every Tuesday evening, so my friends usually gathered around my desk for a teaser the Monday before. Read more>>

Richie Crum | RAAM Audio and Electronics Founder

I grew up in a small town in South Dakota where there was not many ways to express yourself. My uncles were big into cars an started to get into audio and I followed and never stopped. Read more>>

FrozenFeathers Brittney Sundquist | Fine Artist, Muralist, Creative Director

It seems more accurate to say that an artistic career pursued me! Like many young creatives, I bought into the idea that artists can’t make a living and that the path of the artist is one filled with pain, a meager bank account, and instability. Although I wouldn’t say that these things are untrue.. at times I’ve experienced all of these things and none of them. However, the truth about having a successful career as a creative is more closely related to the level of grit that an individual can devote to their craft—their ability to experiment, take failure in stride, to diversify, and their willingness to try to level up with each day. Read more>>

Banthom House | Band

Creating and sharing art helps us transcend the walls that we build around ourselves and the social norms that discourage our vulnerability and emotional expression. Being artists allows us to share our perspective on the world around us and open the door for deeper connection and insight into our experience as humans. Our specific form of musical expression feels like an emotional outlet. Performing live is a profound way of connecting and sharing those emotions with others. There is a deep fulfillment that comes from seeing the impact that this expression has on an audience. Read more>>

Mish Howard | Creative portrait and wedding photographer

I was born a creative. From a young age I’ve viewed the world a little different. Beauty oozes from every crevasse of the world and I have always had a deep connection with that. it wasn’t until my mid 20s and having a few kiddos that I actually pursued my passions and made them a career. i got tired of hating going to work and having no impact on my community and one day I just called it quits and decided to focus on my art. as cliche as that may seem! Read more>>

Shamika Niski | Massage Therapist & Entrepreneur

Massage Therapy called to me. Call it fate or whatever you want but it was just a nagging feeling in the back of my heart for me. I kept coming back to it wiithin the health and wellness industry. I have had a deep interest in helping others become the best version of themselves since I was a child. I’ve always had a nurturing spirit and upon finding out I was pregnant with my first child I just knew I had to take a leap of faith to set the example for my babies that you should follow your dreams regardless of the naysayers. Read more>>

Ruthy Nunez | Artist

I decided to pursue an artistic career because of my passion for art and the impact it has on others. Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always loved to draw and create different things. As I grew older and my mental health started to decline, I found that art brought me peace. It was something that could help me through anxiety and depression while being able to make unique art. During the start of the Covid pandemic, I was trying to find something to do to pass the time at home. I was also in the process of grieving my dog Dylan, who was the true definition of a “mens best friend”. Read more>>