What’s the right balance between work and non-work time? The traditional 9-5 has slowly disappeared with the emails and zoom and texting going far beyond traditional business hours. We asked members of our community to share with us how they think about work-life balance.

Becca Cantrell | Wedding Photographer

My work/life balance has been something I’ve grown into. At first, didn’t understand how important it was for my business, life, and everything I do. I struggled for the longest time with allowing one part of my life to take over. I’ve found that when I find balance and allow myself to rest and take time for myself and my family, I thrive in all areas of life. I don’t feel drained or burnt out and lose passion for the things that I love to do. I still struggle sometimes with finding that balance, but I feel like that’s life– It’s forever a time of growing and learning. You can’t pour into others from an empty cup. Read more>>

Orel Zwiebel | Yoga Teacher and Creative

Balance is a constant theme in my life, continually evolving and harmonizing the world I live in. I believe it’s our well being, it’s how we thrive. Copious factors come into play when it comes to finding a powerful balance that sustains you. There is no perfect balance, it’s something that ebbs and flows, changing over time. I quickly learned this after my girls were born. It has changed the way I view the hours in the day. How I view myself. Read more>>

Ryan Jewel | Country Music Artist & Songwriter

I believe that when you start working for yourself, or in my case, pursue a career in country music, your “balance” has to be put on the back burner for a little while (or as long as it takes to get where you want to be). You must exhaust every ounce of desire to succeed and having a “plan B”, in my opinion, only distracts you from your ultimate goal. When I first started my music career, I was a fresh college graduate from Clemson University, class of 2013, and had a “day job”. But between booking shows, writing songs, practicing, band practices, social media content, designing and keeping up with a website, staying on top of emails, travelling to my shows, setting up/breaking down equipment, Read more>>

Nard Claar | Artist, painter

I was once a tight rope walker and then I fell. So I got up, put on a little more padding and tried again because that is what I want to do at least at that moment. It is about balance and perspective that a life evolves and grows and thrives. As the philosopher Lao Tsu said,” A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.” BUT, but, be aware and mindful… that first step could be off a cliff. So already not a straight path or a tight rope. This is my life. I am living it and I am happy and creating good art. Read more>>

Rosa Colón Guerra | Comic Artist – Illustrator

After I quit my day job, I threw myself into the grind. It was either spend your day finding work or you can’t pay bills. I became a workaholic, and after my long term relationship ended I became even more obsessed with work. I burned out and became depressed. Once I took a step back and saw how unhealthy my routine was I took a deep breath and focused on finding the fun in my life. I did a solo art show, and found gigs I was passionate about. Read more>>

Jeff Walton | Realtor and Property Manager

Most decisions that I have made over my career regarding whether or not to take a job have been based on the potential work life balance. The second job that I held out of college was working as a Trauma Sales Consultant which entailed being on call 24/7 and ready at any moment to go into surgeries to consult on the orthopedic implants that were being used. Having this job when it was just me and my wife, Sarah, was manageable. However, as our family grew to a family of 6 throughout my 9 years with this job, the demands of being on call began to take a large toll on my work life balance and keeping my family as a priority. Read more>>

Chad Noble | Mortgage Loan Officer

I’ve been in the mortgage business since 1999 and I think I was going at max speed in my younger days. Getting older and having kids has taught me to slow down. I’m very lucky that I get to live in Summit County. I make time to get outside as much as I can. I take an hour first thing in the morning or at the end of the day to enjoy outdoor activities. This keeps me refreshed and happier at work. Read more>>

Sonya Battle | Founder/CEO- The Teacher’s Resource

LOL, I am still trying to decide if there is really such a thing as Work/Life balance. I completely understand what is meant when we say it, but I’m not sure if it’s attainable in the context that is mostly meant. Here is what I mean, when I think work- going work, what is expected of me at work, and what I need to achieve, in most jobs those expectations are already written out. My corporate job calls it “Steps to Success”, you have a checklist of tasks/things you can do that will help you reach your career path goals. Life, not so much! Life just happens we don’t have a “Step to Success” per se in life-are there steps you can take to help you obtain success in life, absolutely. Read more>>

Stephane and Alison Roy | Chiropractors

My husband and I own and operate a chiropractic practice and have done so for the past 18 years. We went into practice believing that work life balance was important for many reasons. Working on people to alleviate their pain is both physically and mentally demanding. We realized early on that in order to keep our energy levels high at work, so that we can be our best for our patients, requires a strong work life balance. We set our schedule in such a way that we always take our weekends off, and we have some free hours during the week as well. We are both outdoor enthusiasts and we enjoy a healthy lifestyle. For over 16 years, we only eat the meat and fish that we harvest ourselves, so hunting and fishing is a big part of our life. Read more>>