There’s a ton of research around how setting habits can help us conserve energy because it reduces the number of decisions we have to make in a day. However, not all habits are created equal and so we’ve asked our community to tell us about the habits they have been most effective for them.

Janelle Tejan | Wilhelmina model | Makeup Artist

To me the most important factor behind my success is consistent and being true to myself in everything I do. Making sure I fully enjoy what I am creating with others. I have been modeling for almost five years now and the journey to get where I am now has been a lot to take in. I always try to fix myself or make myself better than yesterday. I practice posing a lot in the mirror from my hands to my face and body positions. I workout every morning for about ten minutes to just get my blood going. Staying consistent in how you take care of yourself plays a huge role in your success. Mental health is a huge part of my success and making sure I stay leveled and assist to myself when needed. Taking care of what my body or mind may be telling me at that moment. The success to my brand is consistent with who I work with. Read more>>

Alex Lee-Ammons | Helping do-gooder creatives expand their reach through the audio platform

The moment I was able to verbalize my gifts in a way that was relatable and clear, the success of my business took off. For many years, I watched my creative friends with a sense of wonder and confusion. Their capacity to visualize, and create something from nothing, was an unwelcome mirror to what I saw as my lack of creativity. In those moments, my propensity to “get things done” felt pale in comparison to their bright talent for creating. Over time, business partnership, and personal inquiry, my sense of myself and my talents became fully formed. And I swear to you, the moment I realized the true boon of my talent – that I have an uncanny ability to ground dreams and ideas in the physical world through systems, structures, and accountability – the work started pouring towards me. Read more>>

Dawn Fable | Working Mom of 3 young children, Founder of Press Pause and trying to balance life’s beautiful disaster

This really goes back to Press Pause helping people. It is so humbling and truly makes my heart sing when I hear testimonials on how our products have helped change lives. That is my definition of success and we are so grateful to have that opportunity. Read more>>

Heather Taylor | Commercial Real Estate Services – Client Focused

IMPACT Commercial Real Estate was created to make an impact on businesses and the community through creative, thoughtful and dynamic real estate services. Our success comes from helping other businesses be successful. Our goal is to take businesses to the next level through a purchase, sale, lease or development of commercial real estate. We take the time to learn and understand each client’s needs. IMPACT works with clients to make each challenge and opportunity beneficially impactful. Read more>>

Jenny Levine Finke: Jenny is a certified integrative nutrition coach and the founder of Good For You Gluten Free, a popular blog about gluten-free living. She is also the author of Dear Gluten, It’s Not Me, It’s You, and founder of the Denver Blogger’s Club

I can say, without a doubt, that persistence is the secret to my success. I think a lot of people say they want to be successful, but few are willing to do what it takes to be successful. It’s easy to give up or start a business and then stop when it’s not easy or going your way. Those who persist through the uncomfortable, the frustrating, the hard, and the pull-out-your-hair moments are the ones still standing. Persistence is key. Read more>>

Claudia Nanino | Master Breathwork Facilitator & Crystal Curator

I have found the most important factor is authentically wanting to be in service to others. When I don’t make it about it me, but really focus on helping others heal themselves – I find the universe supporting me all along the way. Read more>>

Black Ausar | Author & Poet

The most important factor behind my success is the ability to consistently maintain a high level of self-care. Being an author is one of my true self callings and I am liberated through my pen and expression. I am a firm believer that healing is contagious and discipline is essential in every personal goal. The success of my recent book Philosophical Poetry: Crown and Shattered Dreams By Black Ausar is by far one of my best seminal works. The success of my brand is my versatility to display my heart through my art of creative writing filled with a deep range of emotion from the streets to love. Read more>>

Tamra Collins | Founder of Best Life Beauti

Best Life Beauti is a thoughtful brand. I spend many hours researching the benefits of every single ingredient that I use in my handcrafted products. The simple yet effective formulas are the star of the show and what has been the key to Best Life Beauti’s success. My goal has always been to create products that are multi purpose, accessible, and safe and effective on varying skin types. Gaining and maintaining my current and potential customers trust has also been crucial for my brand. I literally started with a dollar and a dream and the hope that a few people would take a chance on my products. Although I know that the skin care products that I create are high quality, some people are understandably cautious. I take pride in being transparent about the production, sourcing, and ingredients used in my line. Read more>>

Dave Roggeman | Visionary

Without the amazing Denver artists, we have collaborated with, our brand would not be the success it is today. We started out as a screenprinting company and over the years, have created our own brand called Abstract eventually changing the name of our retail store to give it more of its own identity apart from INDYINK. We have had the honor to work and showcase some really amazing artists and print their artwork on shirts. On the shelves right now you can find designs from: Moeh and Alex Taylor (Crimsion Hilt Tattoo), Jaime Molina, Dave Palmer, Chris Huth, Joe Triscari (Moon Lignt Speed) Lindsey Kuhn (Swamp Co), Sean Brow (NoGuff), Ellie Rusinova and Brandan Styles of Mad Tatters, Sandi Calistro, Charles Martinez, Evan Lorenzen (All Sacred Tattoo), Ravi Zupa, Matador, Mike Strescino, Elissa Eaton, Mike Graves, John Van Horn, Arna Miller, Rumtum, Dinkc, Chase Martines, Miguel Dominguez, Chris Claxton, Liz Holland, and Karma Leigh. Read more>>

Katie and John Burns | Owners & Founders

Aside from our focus on brand awareness, Slalom Fox has been successful mainly because the cocktails taste great! While marketing is important, it’s the taste that keeps customers coming back for more. We’ve also been told our brightly colored matte cans are what initially attract people to grab them off the shelves. Our commitment to ingredients and company integrity is what we value the most and we believe this translates into providing the customer with a better drinking experience. Read more>>

Alan and Kim Strope | President/Construction Management and Vice President/Interior Designer

Being local! Our motto is “Experience the LOCAL difference”. We started Savant Homes, Inc. shortly after graduating from Colorado State University. Both Alan and I (Kim), grew up in Fort Collins. We both attended Colorado State. We had the opportunity to move out of state for work, but we realized that Fort Collins and Colorado are home to us! We decided to raise our family and our business here. It is important to us that each of our clients we work with get the satisfaction of knowing that they live in a SAVANT HOME. Our staff works directly with each client, subcontractors, bankers, mortgage brokers and realtors to make the building process not only custom to each clients’ need but the experience exciting and positive. We love when we meet a client and they say “YOU are the builder! Read more>>

Kerry Condon | Owner-operator

Perseverance and grit. In the past six years we have had amazing highs and lows that have taught us many things, but our perseverance and grit, which come from our passion, dedication and commitment to what we invest our time and resources in have been instrumental to the success we have seen at The District. Read more>>