Every overnight success we’ve seen has been years in the making. And those overnight successes are rarely because of an amazing idea or a stroke of luck. We asked some of our favorite folks from the community about what characteristics are at the heart of their success story?

Ana Kraft | Founder and CEO of Xena Workwear

At Xena Workwear we make stylish, comfortable and responsibly made safety shoes and apparel for professional women so they can feel confident in any work environment. What makes our startup successful is that we are solving a small but real problem women in STEM and the trades have been facing for many years. Read more>>

Caitlin Ward | Wedding Planner

This may sound a little cliche, however, to a small business owner it’s everything. Relationships!! Building genuine relationships from the very beginning has been a huge part in the success of my business and is a large part of my marketing strategy. Read more>>

Holly Morphew | Founder + CEO Financial Impact

The most important factor behind my success is two-fold. First, I had a vision of where I wanted to go, and second, I never quit. Ninety percent of success is just showing up. If you take time to know what is really important to you, and make choices aligned with what you value, then you are already setting yourself up for success. Read more>>

Float Like a Buffalo | Colorado Ska-Funk-Reggae-Rock Band

We have always prided ourselves on hard work… really getting down and grinding every single day. It seems like there’s a general sense of “overnight success” when it comes to bands who have made it, but every band or musician who has appeared to have made it overnight has spent years or decades working to get there. Read more>>

Cal Duran | Art Educator, I’m a Master of Mud, I Channel myAncestors, I am the Earth Brothers and Star Sisters.

The most important factor behind my success is never losing my intuition. Is trusting myself to succeed, to listen to my instinct. To push myself further everyday. To love myself so I can put spirit and love into what I create. Culture inspires me .Art allows me to go deep into the roots of my linage and ancestors to uncover new depths of my culture. Read more>>

Zsa’nee Gaines | Owner & Lead Photographer at Kymora Jaxson Photography

I believe my business is successful because I believe in what I do. My Photography business is named after my 2 daughters, Kymora and Jaxson. I believe women are more powerful than they realize. My goal is to show my daughter’s and other women their futures are defined by them only and not society, culture, race, or any 1 individual. Read more>>

Cindy Jones | Cosmetic Chemist / Herbalist / Formulator at Colorado Aromatics

The most important factor behind my brand is me. I truly believe that with any brand it’s the person behind the brand that makes it unique. There is no other skin care brand that is formulated by a biochemist / herbalist as ours is. This combination guarantees a high quality, effective product. Read more>>

Stacy Gery | Pianist and Piano Teacher / Mountain Bike Guide and Skills Instructor

Working hard, not giving up, educating myself on what it takes to run a business, determination are all important for a successful small business. But I believe the most important factor behind the success of my brand is making community social impact part of my business model. Read more>>

Jaime Sense | Mama to a Miracle + Imperfect Human + Yoga Studio Owner

I don’t know that I’ve ever approached this particular business the way that many would – but that’s less about business and more about people. Our teachers are the secret sauce and I enjoy creating the container where people can show up to do their truest work…in this case, teaching. Read more>>

Maxwell Marcum | Commercial Real Estate Broker

Consistently prioritizing our relationships with our clients has helped us develop a genuine connection with our customer’s goals. We’ve always made a point to try and establish a connection with our clients well in advance of them actually needing or requesting our services. Read more>>

Jackie Smith | Artist & Owner, A Cottage in the Forest

I believe that art stands out when the artist’s joy in making it shines through. It was important to me to make items that were unique to me, and that I wanted to make, even if no one expressed interest in buying them. Nor did I want to make the same item over and over again, nor jump from craft to craft following fads. Read more>>

Betsy Wiersma | Women’s Network Founder, Podcaster and Craftlete

My brand, the CampExperience Network, uses love as a business tool! Our motto is to “Do Good and Have Fun” and in 15 years we have helped over 5000 women build their personal and business success while raising over $1 million for charities in Colorado and around the world. Read more>>

Lonnie Somers | Chief HAL (Healthy Active Living) Officer – MY HAL IS: Family, Running, Cycling, Strength Training, Music, Microphones, smiling, finding my inner Yoda, (oh, and 80’s trivia)

The most important factor for us is really is more of a concept than a factor. The concept we practice is one that allows us to provide the best service possible and build an exceptional brand, and that is P.E.RR. P.E.RR is: P – Personalization: We always ensure that our service and our brand are and feel personalable. Read more>>

Katy Tartakoff | Photographer Katy Tartakoff Photo Art: Beauty Revealed

I’d say the most important factor behind my success is the relationships my clients and I have built together. I’ve had my portrait business for over 45 years and am now on my third generation of children. People become like family to me. Read more>>

Alicia Ramos | Licensed Esthetician

Customer service has always been at the core of my work and life values. In the esthetics industry I am given the opportunity every day to help others feel better about their skin and it’s a true honor! I love going the extra mile and surprising a client with extra special touches during their appointments, and I think it goes a long way. Read more>>

Nicole Toledo | Professional Makeup Artist

The success of my brand is that is based on authenticity. My brand focuses on timeless beauty. I follow trends and love to try new products, but I don’t let them change my goal of simply making my clients look and feel their most beautiful. I am not here to make anyone look like a completely different person or fit into a mold. Read more>>

Annelise Rothe | Wedding Floral Designer

I think what’s made my business successful is my passion for what I do, and my drive to make my customers happy. I create designs for my clients that come from my heart, this business isn’t solely meant as an income for me but it’s a passion project. Read more>>

Jessica Magee | Artist

I think bringing a level of authenticity to everything I do is very important for my brand, considering my brand is, well…me! I’ve realized from day one that if I put my heart and soul in to every piece I create, then people really feel that. In a world full of replicas, copies and mass produced trinkets, I really feel like there’s something special about a one of a kind, maker created art piece. Read more>>

Kristine Eckley | WooWoo Wellness & Life Strategist

I have always wanted to create something. And I have, many times over. That vision has shifted over time but I think I have finally found my calling! It’s simpler than I thought it would be, but helping people find their happiness really lights me up. I believe the most important factor behind my success is that I have never given up. Read more>>

Lane-O | Rapper

The most important factor behind my success is the ability to customize what success feels like to me. Most times we as people base our success on what that looks like to other people. When truly success should be a personal experience in life. This has allowed me to pursue my passions in life with meaningfulness verses being expedient. Read more>>

Visi Herman | Illustrator, Designer, and Teacher

One thing a lot of artists think will make or break their brand is consistency, but I don’t feel that’s the most important part. Having a style you gravitate towards can help people understand what you make and what to expect from you, but growing, experimenting, improving, and trying new things are all fundamental parts of being a human. Read more>>

Christin Finch | CEO + Co-Founder, Let Thy Food

When Chef Jeremy and I started Let Thy Food, we had $27 and a recipe. We had no idea how we would grow a company. Many people close to us told us that we would fail, and that there was no way to succeed with so little money. But we didn’t think of — and we still do not think of — money as our greatest resource. Read more>>

Gundega Stevens | Gallery Owner/Curator

The most important factor behind my success is my family and the community in Colorado Springs. My family has been my biggest cheerleader since day one. But without this community continuing to show up for First Fridays, supporting me and the local artists I wouldn’t be here. Read more>>

Heather Hamilton | Fitness Educator, Entrepreneur, Powerlifting Coach

Authenticity. Our brand is all about moving and living optimally. We help people get stronger, reduce pain, and look and feel better through individualized programming and coaching. There are tons of workout programs and coaches out there. Our goal has always been to meet people where they are. Equipment or no equipment. One day a week or seven. Read more>>