Every overnight success we’ve seen has been years in the making. And those overnight successes are rarely because of an amazing idea or a stroke of luck. We asked some of our favorite folks from the community about what characteristics are at the heart of their success story?

Miriah Hunt | Florist and Business Owner

Building relationships with other small business owners has been huge for me. Very early on, I reached out to a small business that curates vintage goods and offered her a dried arrangement for her to use in her photos and just asked that she tagged me. A few other businesses saw that and purchased arrangements with the same purpose in mind. Then, their clients wanted arrangements to go with the vintage vases they had purchased and it really just snow balled from there! My advice would be to look for unconventional partnerships and build genuine connections. Read more>>

Dave Eisner | Third Way Center Executive Director

That’s simple. Having a mission that you believe in and that your employees believe in. Read more>>

Peter Champagnie | Singer, Songwriter, Entrepreneur

The most Important factor behind my success is having the discipline and drive to continue making music even if one of my songs dont do as good as the rest. Read more>>

Adam Amit | Colorado Elopement Photographer

I’m a big believer in living an authentic life, which means to me, that you live in balance with your honest beliefs and desires. That’s super important whether you are getting married or photographing a marriage. As a couple you want to celebrate this momentous decision in a way that’s honest – and you want to spend it with a photographer who you are going to have a great time with. Couples want their photographer to be the same person the day of as they are on their initial phone call. So for me, being authentic to who I am – cheesy, sappy, totally in love with love, is one of the most important factors to my success. Read more>>

Brandon Marsh | Dog Dad & Vice President

Lean and mean. Big Sky Cigar, Co. has a lean operating structure where all funds go back into inventory or product development. In three years, Big Sky Cigar, Co, is debt free, offers six different cigars with humidor placements in over twenty states, and online sales in all fifty states and three foreign countries. We contribute this success to running a lean operating strategy where every decision returns the greatest value possible to Big Sky Cigar, Co. Read more>>

Sharie and Logan Meyer | Mud Manipulators (or Ceramic Artists)

While quality is the number one element to the success of our business, it is, in turn, driven by our commitment to our product. When we create, we think to the form and functionality from the start, and deliberately handcraft each item with purpose. We keep our branding simple and consistent, allowing everything we make to be the real representative of what we do. The care we invest in every step leads to elegant, high quality results that we believe in and anyone can love. Read more>>

Linda Lovegreen | Owner and Chef

I believe the single most important factor to the Success of Climb elevated eater is consistent quality! We strive to deliver high quality food and customer service in a quality environment . Our guests keep coming back and spread the word to others about us because they can depend on the quality we offer, which equals success! On the personal side, I believe I am successful because I am determined! Once I have determined that an idea is worth pursuing I do not waver, I do not stop, I keep pushing toward the goal/s. Read more>>

Denton Turner | Bass player of Buffalo Commons

Our original music helps stand us stand out in the music scene. We really try to limit how many covers we play and put a huge focus on developing our original sound that makes us unique. While our hard work at practice has helped us develop our unique sound our success is largely due to the community of friends, fans and family we have around us. We call them our herd and without the support of our herd we would be nothing. Having original music, a unique sound and a ton of support from our herd is everything. Read more>>

Jen Jarnot & Ryan Martin | WalkAboutCouple | Content Creators

During the beginning of COVID lockdowns we decided to purchase a camera and to start taking road trips to as many National Parks as we could fit in on any given weekend. Up until that point our brand was really a positive message with a lot of selfie photos all around the world. To be honest, it really wasn’t much of a brand at all. Over the past 20 months we have been professionals in photography and experts on visiting National Parks. The most important factor to our success has been a commitment to excellence and creating authentic relationships through our Instagram platform. Narrowing down our niche to weekend warriors who have full time jobs and were able to visit 20+ National Parks in one year was the most impactful development for our business. We are now able to really focus on partnering with brands that fit well with our niche. Read more>>

Jaden Hanson | Realtor, Co-Owner of Mile High Lifestyles at Compass, Inc

Originality and collaboration. When I got my real estate license in 2013, I struggled initially to find a brand that aligned with my style and personality. At the time, most real estate branding seemed dated and appealed more to an older generation. I was in my 20’s and so were most of the clients that I was serving. I recognized that there were little to no brands that were catering toward a new generation that would undoubtedly become major owners in residential real estate. I immediately snatched up the domain and LLC for Mile High Lifestyles and I had big dreams for creating a company with a totally fresh (and a little edgy) vibe. Read more>>

Zach Holloway | Home remodeler

From the moment that I wake to the moment that I fall asleep I am constantly working on bettering myself. This includes being a better business owner, contractor, husband, father, and version of myself. I work hard to be a better me. I dig deep and look at my faults and my successes. I evaluate my days and my finished products. I seek others critique and I learn and change from it all. With my company I study, attend networking groups, meet with others in my trade, shadow those who are successful, and use top quality products and tools. I work hard, Read more>>

Kyle Hull | Owner, Hull Hockey, LLC

The most important factor behind the success of Hull Hockey, LLC is shared between two words; passion and integrity! Doing the right thing is obviously a given, but like with any other job, there are some people/companies out there who don’t exactly exude honor and ethics. Customers and clients can see integrity and they can also feel the passion. Having passion as a driving force behind the work that is put in is so paramount to getting positive results and staying on top! Read more>>

Colsie Searcy | Real Estate Broker and Business/Mindset Coach

The factors behind all success for me is desire. There are a multitue of factors behind my success, but desire to build a life I can be proud of and that fuels my passions is my driving force. When I think of success I think of it on a scale of happiness. When we do the things in life that continuously lead to new doors opening it’s a sign that we are on the right path to our highest desires. There is always trial and error in the journey to success, due to the fact that we are continually growing and expanding and also having the notion that we don’t know what we don’t know until we do it. Read more>>

Jake Redlener | CEO, Forager, and Full Time Food Nerd

To me, it all comes down to making sure we provide a level of customer service that is leagues above and beyond any of our competitors. Every client is our most important client, and we do everything in our power to make sure all their needs are being met; be it bailing them out of a pinch if they need an emergency delivery, or making sure that every product they receive is exactly to their specifications. Read more>>

Ernest & Chantel Bordon | Content Creators

Authenticity. We are content creators for @AlwaysSunnyColorado – a Colorado centric food, adventure and travel blog. We were inspired to start our IG account because we had a strong desire to connect with our community and explore this beautiful state while supporting the local businesses we love. Our goal is to give our followers (and friends!) A reliable and consistent source all while being “Us.” We believe if your aim is to forge a strong connection, you have to be authentic. Read more>>

Sayra Siverson | Music Director and Conductor of the San Juan Symphony Youth Orchestra

The most important factor behind my success is my students! I specialize in building community through music. My goal isn’t to create professional musicains, it is to help students discover what amazing humans they are! I had no idea how much each one of my students over the past 24 years would teach me. I have learned that they are funny. I learned that sometimes when I could get angry at them for disrupting rehearsal by being silly, that it really is good to just laugh with them and see the humor in it. They have made me laugh a lot. 🙂 Read more>>

April Showers | Founder of Afro Unicorn

The community behind the brand is what attributes to it’s success. We launched Afro Unicorn with grassroot efforts. Our focus from day one was to highlight other entrepreneurs on our page and tell their story on what made them unique, divine, and magical. In just a few months we had followers such as Alicia Keys, Sherri Shepherd and Tiffany Haddish. Our followers had buy in to our brand immediately because of our branding message “Hey have you ever seen an Afro Unicorn before, we created a platform for women of color who hustle, follow the movement”. That was the message we used in other like hashtags to organically grown our platform. Read more>>

P.R.E.A.C.H. | International recording artist/song writer/creative

I believe that the most important factor behind one’s success is to remain true to themselves. Remain humble and appreciative but let your “hunger growl” roar loud. There is no better combination than “real music” and a real personality to accompany that! Read more>>

Gus Kölndorfer | Musician

Focus and Determination, because in the Music Business if you aren’t Focused you will not give 100% of your performance. This makes all the difference in Studio Recording, on the Stage playing and even when you are at home Practicing. You need to be Focused to give your 100% always. Determination is important cuz even with Focus sometimes some projects, Bands, contracts, etc , don’t work (cuz some things don’t depend just on you). So you need be determined to Get what you want because most of time you don’t get what you want in the first try. Read more>>

Jessica Fleming | Clinical Massage Therapist

Support! The support of my amazing partner Will, my family, and friends is what I owe my success to! Could I have started my massage practice on my own? Sure! But their constant support and encouragement has kept me pushing through the hard times where I wanted to quit. Their support has pushed me to challenge myself and grow. I’ve been able to bounce ideas off of them when I’ve otherwise hit a wall! If I didn’t have their support, my success would be a longer, lonelier path and im so glad that I can contribute my success to them! Read more>>