The Coronavirus has given many us an opportunity to pause and think about life, our purpose, and even the right work life balance. What’s your perspective and has it changed over time?

Kelsey Brown | Tattoo Artist and Owner of Entropy Tattoo

I think the work life balance has been and continues to be one of the most difficult parts of owning your own business and working in an artistic career. You want to give your all for your job, because it includes your passion, and it uses all of the wonderful artistic inspiration you have. Read more>>

Elizabeth Suárez | Leadership & Negotiation Strategist

We all hear about work life balance. But in reality how many professionals truly engage in this practice? Throughout my career, I struggled with reaching this balance. First it was corporate America, where I was well compensated but I felt as I sold my soul; due to all the long hours and unrealistic goals I was expected to reach. Read more>>

Nate Fuller | Guitarist & Vocalist for Backseat Vinyl

When we were younger it was always balls to the walls for the band. Now that we’re older, and especially because we are in a pandemic we’ve been focusing more on getting to know ourselves. Music is our life. We love playing live and we love making the music, but it’s nice to have some free time to explore new hobbies and ambitions. Read more>>

Irene Weygandt | Communications Director and Mom

This question always gets me because I don’t actually believe in work-life balance. It’s the word balance that bothers me. It implies things are equal. The proportions are “correct” and evenly distributed. I don’t know how that can ever be true! I also reject the idea of work being separate from life. Read more>>

Ray Corson | Tattoo Artist

There seems to be a culture of overworking in tattooing. Our industry is flooded with the unsaid idea that if you aren’t pushing yourself past your limits, you aren’t working hard enough. Established artists will advise you to find balance and not overwork. Read more>>

Riley Bratzler | Printmaker

Work life balance: Fact or fable? For me, it is definitely a practice or a skill that I have to constantly work on, and I by no means have mastered it yet. I’ve gone through periods in my life where creating has been a form of expressing my emotions, so it was easy to surrender to it and be in the studio until 2AM. Read more>>

David & Jon Swartz | Painter

I want to start off saying Black Ink Art is a partnership between my brother, Jon, and myself. I will be answering the questions for this interview though. This is a very good question, and something I feel can be especially tricky as an artist. Having to sell and market my artwork as well as create it can feel like working two, very different, full time jobs. Read more>>

Evan Lei & Faith Allen | Band Leaders

With the closure of music venues, we’ve been able to focus more on creating and relaxing together as a band. We miss the hustle of playing shows every weekend but are happy to have more time to take things slow. Music comes from everyday life, so it’s important to embrace the mundane in order to move forward with our art. Read more>>

Jordan Saul Peterson | REALTOR

Work/life balance is something I feel very passionately about, but it also happens to be one of my biggest struggles. I LOVE putting my clients first, it comes 2nd nature to me – recently I became a mother and my perspective changed. It wasn’t about work/life balance just to spend time with my family. Read more>>

Isabelle Casey | Mama, Tree-Hugger, & Yoga Instructor

Balance for me has been a constant evolution. When I first began my own business teaching yoga, I was single first of all. My responsibilities and the way I used my time are completely different than how I manage now- I have a family, I teach online 100% versus for years when I would go to location to instruct. Read more>>

Patrice Kuiken | Dog Trainer

Over time I have gotten much better about balancing running my business and having a life. When my business first started, it was just me and cash was tight. Automating things often required a monthly subscription which I just couldn’t afford, so I did everything myself. Read more>>

Jessica Nakata | Interior Designer

My answer to work life balance, and when it changed for me is a common one. When I was 23 and entering the world of professional Interior Design, I was young and this goal was everything to me. I was fortunate enough to receive a hands on crash course in the industry by working very closely with two successful high end residential designers right out of school. Read more>>

Shalelia Dillard | Founder/Executive Director

When I first founded my nonprofit, I enrolled in every leadership program, skill building workshop, and learning opportunity that I could. I knew that with an educational background, I needed to gain business skills in order to sustain a thriving business, so this step was very necessary for me. Read more>>