We asked members of the community how their organizations help the community. We’ve shared some of the responses below.

Lori and Jeremy Lowell | Co-Founders, Drishti Beats Yoga Teacher Training and Drishti Beats Music

Our business is based on Yoga Teacher Trainings and Music. The journey and our students embark on through the Yoga Teacher Training gives them an opportunity to live a more yogic lifestyle. Read more>>

Lindsay Hollister | Naturopathic Doctor

In the United States, 40% of children are diagnosed with a chronic illness. Most of these illnesses are preventable with simple every day things. The problem is, medical providers don’t have the time or resources to provide what these kids need and they wind up just treating symptoms with prescription medications. Read more>>

Betsy Jennings | Northern Colorado Realtor

Owning real estate changed my life, and helping other people make smart investments in real estate is something that I have become very passionate about since starting my career in real estate. Read more>>

Angélica Ladino | Digital Content Creator

I am an online creator sharing my life on social media. 6 years ago, after graduating university with a law degree, I migrated to Australia at age 23 to learn English. Read more>>

Thaise Hahn | Portrait Artist | Thaíse Hahn Portraits | www.thaisehahn.com

Having struggled with infertility for many years, I felt the weight and the pain of a tainted self image. I heavily struggled to see myself as worthy, whole and beautiful in my own right. I carried around this weight that constantly made every day life a struggle for me. Read more>>

Tiffany James | Writer/Encouragement Coach, Storyteller, and Author of new book “Living in the Land of I Am-Your Life Story Reveals Your Purpose.”

Before Encouraging Touch was a business it was a way of life. I believe that encouragement changes everything. It is oxygen to the soul. I live and breathe encouragement, but never imagined that I could make a living being myself and doing what I love. Read more>>

 Mark McKinney | Founder and creator of Artsology

The goal of Artsology has always been to engage kids in something fun related to the arts, in the hope of inspiring their interest in learning more or getting involved in their own creative endeavors. Read more>>

Dietra Hudson | CD(DONA), CLC, Birth Photographer

Being a Birth Doula has a huge impact on both the community and the world. As a Birth Doula, I help people giving birth learn to trust in their bodies and the birthing process. Read more>>