We are so inspired by the businesses in our community because of how many of them are committed to helping to make the world better than it is today. Check out some great businesses below and how they are helping others.

Jennifer Geiselhofer | Direct Access Dental Hygienist

We provide preventative dental care inside Colorado’s homeless shelters for men, women, children, runaway youth, and veterans with pop-up clinics. It’s a life changing visit for of our patients. Many people that go to the dentist and have dental insurance do not realize how hard it is for a person experiencing homelessness to build up the courage or money to receive dental care. They don’t have transportation to an appointment. Most do not have the 3 dollars to even ride the bus. Many of our patients think they need all of their teeth pulled because of the massive tartar build up and swollen gums. Our patients haven’t had their teeth cleaned in many years, so the visits are sometimes up to two hours long with anesthetic throughout their entire mouth. Most dental patients fear getting one shot, our patients get up to 8 in one visit. Access to care is the most important thing for our patients. Read more>>

Jessi Burg | Small Business Owner and Seasonal Worker

As a landscaping company, Pears to Perennials is focused on installing and maintaining sustainable landscapes for Colorado. We reduce water usage through ecologically appropriate plantings, as well as educating clients on watering methods and schedules. Our past plantings have included habitat and pollinator gardens, edible landscapes, and building raised beds for clients wanting to increase food production. All of these things increase biodiversity in our urban and suburban landscapes, while simultaneously using our limited water wisely. As a bonus, many of these plantings reduce our carbon footprints through both sequestration and reducing the distance from plant to plate. As an employer, I own a seasonal business with limited year round work. To help offset this burden on my employees, I set the starting salary above the MIT Living Wage for the area, and adjust it for inflation each year. Read more>>

Andrea Weinberg | Founder and CEO of ANDI

Our big focus is on climate preservation (because we love living on Earth!!). While we do everything possible to make our products and run our business as sustainably as possible, we know that just isn’t enough. I see the effects of climate change all around us and this keeps me up at night, mostly because the solutions are readily available, we just haven’t organized collectively to implement them in our day to day life. I believe with all of my heart and soul that our environmental salvation requires legislation for change. Along these lines, we have recently taken the next step in fighting for climate preservation by partnering with 1% for The Planet and an organization called Issue Voter (issuevoter.org) to launch Voices for the Planet. This is a platform that allows organizations and individuals to quickly sign up for alerts about environmental legislation on the floor of the house and senate. Read more>>

Jourdan Baldwin & Niccole Hendrickson | Owners of KALO Fitness

When most people think about fitness or gyms, they don’t often think about them “changing the world”. However, we’ve always viewed our job, and every person that works in fitness, as a huge contributor to not only changing the world, but making it a better place to be in. When we are healthy and are taking care our ourselves, we treat others better, we treat the world better, we are more likely to be connected to our communities and we have a positive influence on the people we are around. While the fitness industry can sometimes feel and look vanity based, and in turn intimidate a lot of people, we believe that the future of fitness looks MUCH different than six pack abs and 5% body fat. At our small group and personal training studio, Kalo Fitness, we are on a mission to not only break down the pre-conceived notions still floating around in the fitness industry, but also to use movement to educate, inspire, empower and truly connect people together. Read more>>

Ramona J. Smith | 2018 World Champion of Public Speaking, Certified Life Coach, Best Selling Author

Glossophobia is still the number one fear in the world. People fear public speaking more than death! While we don’t yet have the cure to stage fright, we offer other helpful solutions. Our trainings and coaching services provide the one ingredient most people lack when speaking in front of an audience; CONFIDENCE. What’s our formula for building confidence? Existing knowledge + extreme preparation. We are changing lives globally by showing our clients how to communicate messages and ideas efficiently and effectively. Read more>>