We are so inspired by the businesses in our community because of how many of them are committed to helping to make the world better than it is today. Check out some great businesses below and how they are helping others.

Lindsey Benton | Real Estate Broker, Coach & Investor

When I started my career in real estate, I knew I wanted to make giving back a priority. Real estate is my vehicle to not only help people make their real estate goals a reality, but also leave my corner of the world a little better than I found it. I immediately joined the Rotary Club of Five Points and started serving Five Points and the greater NE Denver community. With that I learned more about non profits I align with and have the opportunity to volunteer in the community. We have since added the Live.Laugh.Give. initiative to Live.Laugh.Denver. Real Estate Group. With the Live.Laugh.Give. Initiative, we are focused on donating (at least) $100 per week to non profit organizations and highlight them in our social media and emails for the month. Read more>>

Lisa Johnson | Massage therapist & Reiki healer

Massage therapy is so beneficial for all of us. Old or young, massage therapy increases your quality of life by improving immune function, reducing muscle tension, reducing pain, and improving sleep just to name a few. Numerous groups in the community benefit from massage therapy, and it keeps our community healthy, mentally and physically. Denver Massage Therapy is a mobile massage service, bringing the clinic to you. Many members of our community are housebound and unable to access massage therapy. Denver Massage provides nurturing healing touch in the convenience of your home, giving you peace of mind, body and spirit. Read more>>

Stella Webb | Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Master, 5 Element Acupuncture Student

This is a big question, but it is one that I think about often. My business helps people on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level, all of which spread the positive effects from my treatment through my clients out into the community. My practice encompases these three levels of healing, beginning with the physical level of working out muscle tension. As muscles relax in both mind and body, space is created for emotional healing to occur. It is easier to share authentically when someone is showing your physical body love. In this space my intention as a practitioner is to hold non judgment for anything that presents. It is healing to be seen and heard. After reaching a trust and comfort level, spiritual healing begins to occur, exchanging energy at a deeper spirit level, leading closer to the root cause. Read more>>

Britni Azzam | Rapper, Brand Owner

I’d like to hope as I continue to make music, and develop my company I can work towards building a platform to ultimately become a voice, and inspiration for others. My goal is to combat the cognitive dissonance, and to destigmatize our vulnerabilities by being more transparent as an artist, and maybe one day I can break some more barriers for women in Hip Hop, and fashion. I go by the name B.R.A, which is actually the initials of my full name. Growing up, “bra” naturally became one of my many nicknames, and is originally how the name came about. Quickly, I started to enjoy the irony behind it, and started to run with the idea. A bra being a conventional symbol of femininity, I began to elaborate on this by writing various idioms and metaphors about my personal beauty philosophies. Read more>>

Lea Flores | Owner/Photographer/Confidence Maker

I’d like to think that what I do helps women in so many ways. People tend to think of a Boudoir photo shoot as just sexy pictures for their significant others. I always tell women its actually a two fold gift, and that is because they receive so much from the experience itself. It is a HUGE confidence builder. Many women that have come to see me have either experienced sexual abuse and don’t want to feel shame in their sexuality, some are coming in because of tremendous weight loss, and again others for a painful divorce where they just want to feel sexy again. I feel that if a women walks out of the studio with her shoulders back and her head held a little bit higher then when she walked in, I have served her in so many ways. Read more>>

Brooke Page-Thompson | Yoga Teacher & Owner

Buka Yoga is all about community. Community within Castle Rock and sharing yoga with everyone we meet. Since our inception, we’ve been partnering with local businesses around Castle Rock to share space and networks…focusing not just on our brand getting out but supporting our other local small businesses with our students. We have been offering donation based classes, which we use the proceeds each month to support a local family or charity. Earlier this year we sent our donations to Australia to support the wild fires, we’ve supported our local school district, students who lost their jobs during COVID and most recently to our local chapter of Black Lives Matter. I believe actions speak louder than words and I want our actions as a studio to be full of love, hope and support…no matter the race, religion, financial status or belief system you have. You are always welcome. Read more>>

Donna Martin | Artist

I belong to a group of 5 artists on Facebook called “The Creative Kind”. Along with these artists, every month we do an online art auction and we donate 20% of all of our sales to a different charity. The Creative Kind has supported charitable organizations from small-town America all the way to Australia. With the support from our buyers, we’ve donated $15,600 since this group began in July, 2018! Some of those charities include The Innocence Project, Love for the Elderly, No Kid Hungry, and Ordinary Nurses. I am so honored and grateful that I can use my art in this way to give back and make a bit of a positive difference in the world. Read more>>

Alicia Straka | Musician: Accordion, Voice, Piano, teacher

I believe my purpose is to spread joy through my music. I’ve been striving to do this for many years; however, I discovered more of a social purpose throughout the process of redirecting my music business throughout COVID. From the onset of COVID back in March, all of my public performances and gigs were cancelled – which makes up a very substantial portion of my income and work. In attempt to continue making music, spreading joy, and finding purpose and work, I decided to put on live concerts on Facebook. To help create a feeling of joy and purpose for myself, I made them charity concerts and picked a different organization to receive donations from viewers each week. Throughout this process, I have strengthened my belief that helping others is one of the best feelings, and using our personal power for good is the way to go. Read more>>

Jessica Fierro | Owner & Head Brewer at Atrevida Beer Company

Let’s start with the name of my business: Atrevida Beer Co. Atrevida means a woman that is bold, daring and fearless. I am a woman, a Latina, head brewer and owner of my business, ” Diversity, it’s on tap!” is my company motto, which is predominantly placed above the entry to my brewery. I operate a woman forward business where I encourage, educate and advocate for woman in a white male dominated industry of craft beer. Within two months of purchasing and opening my business I reached out to Pink Boots Society, to start and head the first chapter in Colorado Springs. Pink Boots Society is a global non-profit organization whose mission it is to encourage, assist and inspire woman professionals in the beer industry to advance their careers through education. Atrevida is the only craft beer brewery that has physically participated in LGBTQAI+ parades in Colorado Springs. Read more>>