We asked some of the city’s rising stars about why they think they have been so successful and we’ve shared their responses below.

Tanisha Martin | Transformation Coach, 6th Degree Kung Fu Master / Head Instructor

The very most important thing is continual inner transformation and growth. Running a business is like driving a car. You can maintain it, put gas in it, have GPS tell you where to go… but if the driver is not paying attention, pointing the vehicle somewhere else, driving for too long without stretching her legs, or falling asleep, you are not likely to get to your destination safely, if at all. Read more>>

Anna Lisle | Artist Manager

My favorite part of working as an artist manager is getting to be involved from the early steps of creating a new product (a new album, music video, live show, etc.) to the very end of the process: releasing this end product into the world. Read more>>

Sabréna AKA CurlyMessyBun | Digital Creator & Entrepreneur

Staying true to myself. Always! I think a lot of people fear they have to become something else or do what others do in order to gain an audience, but I’ve done just that by being 100% myself. Read more>>

TJ Slattery | Entrepreneur & Business Advisor

The most important factor behind our success at Zuni Street Brewing was finding a way to make ourselves unique in the Denver brewery scene. When we started in 2015 there were some 80-odd other breweries in the market, so how do we stand out? As the business director of the company I was in charge of the branding and marketing. Read more>>

The Secret Well Boutique | Hannah Madsen and Barbara Berndt, a mother daughter team passionate about fashion and small business

The most important factor behind our success is building relationships with customers and the community based on integrity and honesty. Its old fashioned, we know, but it creates a foundation for future interactions and develops solid pathways for communication. We find that customers are returning often even just to say, ” hi ” or to catch up, telling us fun stories about their personal lives. Read more>>