There are so many factors that can play a role in determining our results, performance and ultimately our success, but some factors matter more than others. We asked folks what they felt was the most important factor driving their success.

Michele “the Matchmaker” Fields | Veteran, Old Fashioned Matchmaker/Coach

Starting in 1989, before websites or the internet, there was only one other matchmaking service. I looked at their structure and as a single myself I would not have used that service. So based on all of the things I didn’t like or agree with that they were doing I did the total opposite. I have stayed true to the structure of Bon Jour Matchmaking for 32 years regardless of the internet, apps and local competition. Read more>>

Kristi Daskam | Massage Therapist, Owner Tranquility Wellness

As a child I grew up thinking massage therapy was a necessity. That it was a “normal” way to help heal someone. My mom was in a car accident when I was 4 or 5. One of our family friend’s owned a Victorian house in Colorado Springs that she had converted to a chiropractic office. There was also a Massage therapist, Acupuncturist, and a MD who specialized in pain management. Read more>>

Dave Sanders | Realtor

Being genuine. I tell all my clients I’m going to tell them what they need to hear not what they want to hear. My clients always comment how refreshing it is to have a real estate agent that just tells it like it is instead of trying to pretend to be something they are not. I tell my clients I will point out things, good or bad, that they may have missed when we are looking at homes. The thought process behind this is that I want them to have all the information they can have not partial information when making a decision on one of the biggest purchases of their lives. I believe you do the right thing because it is the right thing no matter. The clients needs are what matters not a realtors ego. Read more>>

ENZI | Artist & Songwriter

I believe the most important factor behind my success so far is a combination of perseverance and humility. There have been so many obstacles on my journey so far, from malicious industry people all the way to even a disease I was born with that could’ve paralyzed me. It’s all about pushing past those things. And you don’t have to do it with vengeance either. Read more>>

Edgar Quiroz | Founder/Owner of La Familia Music Group

The most important factor behind the success of La Familia Music Group is our team. Our success wouldn’t be possible without the dedication of our team. We all have something in common that pushes us to the next level and thats our families. From writing, engineering, promoting and distributing we have a team that makes everything possible! Read more>>

Katie Magner | Small Business Owner

I regularly state that Cake Crumbs Bakery & Cafe is special not for one thing. It is not one particular menu item, custom cake, beverage or staff member for which we are known. Instead, Cake Crumbs is special because of the confluence of three things… our community that supports us, the amazing food that we serve and the most amazing staff that we employ. These three factors demand equal amounts of attention. Read more>>

Forrest Moul | Branding & Marketing Wizard

A businesses’ first impression has to communicate its strengths, and showcase continuing trust. Selecting someone to handle this messaging is a huge decision, and I recognize that it’s an honor to be chosen to build someone’s brand. At Word & Roger, we want to assimilate into the client’s culture and thought processes. Read more>>