We asked the community what factors they felt were responsible for their success and we’ve highlighted some of those responses below.

Ashley Shafer | Tattooer & Artist

It’s important for me to know exactly why I do what I do, and that allows me to focus all of my energy into my art, which fuels my success. I create because I feel my heart and soul move through my creations, and to get to share that over and over every day with the people I tattoo feeds my desires to keep going and to be better and better every day. Read more>>

Maria Fetterhoff | Painter and Professional Tattooer/business owner

Authenticity. I really try and connect with clients the best I can, so I can better understand where they are coming from. The tattoo session begins like an interview. I really want to know you so I can choose the best direction for the design. I genuinely have a great time getting to know people and I have developed great friendships through my work. This approach has helped my shop keep a great reputation in town because I really value taking an otherwise intimidating process and making it fun and ultimately cathartic. I really feel inspired by hearing people tell their story. This is our 18th year in business and I’m so proud to have tattooed this long in Colorado Springs. Our brand has really been built on long lasting relationships and what I call “Frients” which is a blend of the words “friend” and “clients”. Read more>>

Christina Vessa | CEO & Co-Founder

The most important factor behind the success of Dubstep FBI is consistency. This is demonstrated in several ways: 1) I am a big believer in doing one little thing every day that makes you a better person than who you were yesterday. This applies to businesses too; it’s the 1 percent rule (get 1 percent better every day). I stay consistent always by reaching out to artists who are pushing boundaries, by making time to teach my staff ways of improving, and by throwing big asks into the world. By doing one little thing every day that makes my business better off, we gradually put feathers in our caps, grow our team together and learn new things that contribute to the success of Dubstep FBI. Read more>>

Lora Bird | Resident Artist and Owner of Nest Art Collective

Compassion. I really think that no matter what I do in life, or how far I take this business, the most important thing to me is meeting people where they’re at to make sure they have the best possible experience. Understanding that every single human you meet is really going through it right now is the key to building that relationship with clients. Making any possible accommodations, meeting someone in the middle if they’re struggling, and responding with kindness even after you yourself had a really bad day sometimes feels like all we can do to make the world a little easier to live in. I sincerely think that shedding any attitude and being open, honest, and compassionate with clients is why I am where I am today. I meet my humans where they’re at, and they meet me. Read more>>

Gary Walker | Operating Partner

Unrelenting determination and perseverance with the belief we will achieve what we set out to do. This belief comes at a cost that most aren’t willing to face or overcome. Read more>>

Alison Zimmerman | Director of Possibility @ WiseAspirations Event Design

WiseAspirations is a product of the learning and creation of my Legacy. A legacy of love. I know that we are all in collaboration, releasing what no longer serves us, and creating space for something new. I am inspired by the authenticity of my friends, and other creative entrepreneurs. I am successful because of my committed practice to tuning into my inner listening and following my intuition. Through the practice of yoga, I’ve discovered infinite timelines within myself. Within these timelines are seeds of inspiration, that first stem from the people who raised me. My father taught me the “back door approach”, how to think out of the box, to be resourceful, and to fearlessly ask for what I want. Read more>>

Doug Kramer | Owner of Big Bear Cheesesteaks food truck

We chose to serve comfort food that is familiar but also well received after all that this Covid filled world has done to people. People are seeking small Indulgences in life, our Philly style Cheesesteaks are received with joy and excitement. We also bring 40 years in food to the table and recognize how important hospitality is as well. Read more>>

Kimberly Irwin | Blogger, Colorado Native and Lover of Denver

I often get asked for tips on how to grow a following organically or how to become a popular “influencer.” While I am still trying to crack the secret code myself, my biggest piece of advice is to be yourself. The whole idea around influencers originated because marketers found that instead of creating a fictional character or persona that would match a target audience, they could use a real person who speaks to their target audience who has also already gained that audience’s trust and has a loyal following. I didn’t set out to be an influencer or anything of the sort. Read more>>

Matt Olson | Artist & Entrepreneur

Ultimately, our brand tries to bring more value than the cost. Our profit margin is intentionally low, our quality is the highest we can possibly make it for the price point, and our customer service is of the highest priority, because that’s what any partner wants from their team. We work hard to make our client’s job as easy as it can be by including lots of free perks and no fees or up-charges. Read more>>

Zanzibar Vermiglio | Corporate Trainer / Executive Coach

Ok, so many, but the MOST important factor has always been a rigorous focus on making a difference. The entire business has the philosophy of making a positive impact with every person and every business that we touch no matter what, whether the person or company is a customer or potential customer or not. We have always had it be that value is being created for everyone we touch. The business is predicated on bringing higher-conscious thought to business and in a way that not only creates unprecedented results, but also that brings out the brightest light possible in people. Read more>>