How do you think about risk? What role has taking risks played in your life/career? Check out responses from hidden gems from our community below.

Bianca Hinojos | Boutique Owner

It was definitely a risk starting a business in the middle of a pandemic. I decided to open my boutique because I felt it was the right time. I had already been thinking about what kind of business to open and I just wanted to do something I love to do. Read more>>

Valentine Ross | Photographer

Taking risks can be scary, but totally worth it! With risk comes great reward, but the potential for failure is always on the table. I have learned to not be afraid to fail because failure can result in growth! There are so many lessons to be learned through trying a risky venture and not seeing success right away. Read more>>

Chelsea Glanz | Artist and Instructor at Rise ‘n’ Shine Arts: Stunning Art to Light Up Your World

Risk is a natural part of life. I believe that more often than not, we create illusions of safety for ourselves, especially when it comes to our careers. That’s not to say that a ‘stable job’ isn’t admirable, useful, or right for some, But, as we’ve seen during the last two years especially, uncertainty is a part of life just as change is constant. Read more>>

Denise Liebetrau | CEO | HR & Compensation Consultant | Executive Success & Pay Negotiation Coach | Business Advisor | Board Member | Speaker

What feels like a risk to me may not feel like a risk to someone else. I have learned that taking calculated, intentional risks can pay off in big ways. I like the phrase “do it afraid” because most of the time you aren’t going to get rid of the fear. Instead you can assess the situation and decide how to move forward with courage. Read more>>

Dorje Dolma | Inspirational speaker, Visual Artist and Author

Without taking major risks, I would not be alive today! I was born in the remote Dolpo region of Nepal in the Himalayan mountains at 13,000 feet above sea level. In the 1990s, Dolpo did not have running water, electricity, motor vehicles, phones, schools, or doctors. Being isolated from the rest of the world made survival extremely difficult. Five of my siblings died from common colds because we did not have basic medical care. Read more>>

Dan Schiz | Professional Touring Guitarist and Songwriter

Risk is pivotal to success. For most of my life, I’ve known exactly what I wanted to do as a career, which is music. But that also meant that I had to stand in a fork in the road and decide to have a life that is comfortable or a life where I do what I love, despite any negative consequences. Read more>>

Jenny Murphy | Owner + Interior Designer

Risk-taking has always been in my blood! I believe it is truly essential for growth and living life to its fullest. Read more>>

Leslie Williams | Owner/Artist of Snappy Face Painting and CT/MRI Technologist

By not taking risks I would have never grown into who I am today. Risks are for growth and rewards and sometimes for setbacks and failures. You can’t learn and grow from either until you take the initial risk. Read more>>

Taka Carnes | Performing artist and Producer

The art of risk-taking can inspire innovation and highlight an individual’s greatness. It can motivate a person to create positive patterns that improve the world and have a positive impact. Read more>>

Dan Koogler | Marijuana Manufacturer

Risk taking to me is a part of life. I have taken a risk in every turn from the military to owning my own business. Calculating the risk based on where you are at in your life is very important. Read more>>

Mark Iverson Jeff Wade | Historians

Taking risks has gotten us to where we are today. In 2007, Mark joined the Peace Corp and was sent to Bulgaria, where he worked with Roma students. Mark witnessed unspeakable violence against these kids and their families. Read more>>

Ben Bires | Painting Instructor & Artist

Gotta jump right in. Do your homework and research where you want to be. My wife and I moved to Colorado Springs almost six years ago from our small town in Western Pennsylvania with no jobs lined up. Read more>>

Brittney Kichty | Spiritual Macrame Artist

Risk taking is essential for growth. If you never step out of your comfort zone, you will never know what’s on the other side. I’d say in the last three years I have been making a conscious effort to take risks, in both my personal and professional life, and I’m really proud and grateful that I’ve done so. Read more>>

Zach Hoerth | Web Designer and Digital Marketer

With great risk, comes the potential for great reward! I’ve always been taken back with peoples fear of risk… The opposite of risk (best case) is staying exactly where you’re at. We grow and expand through venturing into new territory which often requires a level of risk. Read more>>

Lia Colette | Content Creator & Mompreneur

Risks are necessary, but scary as ever. I probably took the biggest risk of my life around this time last year. I decided to leave a career that was financially secure. My salary was going to double, I was going to climb a ladder of success, that I thought I always wanted. Read more>>

Liz Sloan | Influencer & Creative

One thing that has been extremely consistent in my life/career as a creative and influencer is: if there’s no risk, there’s no reward. Read more>>

Conner Herbison | Illustrator & Comic Book Artist

It’s interesting, physical risks were a large part of my life having lived in Steamboat Springs and ski racing all over Colorado. However those risks, while educational in their own right, didn’t necessarily prepare me for the risks tied to pursuing an art career. Read more>>

Neyla Heller | Artist

I will forever stand by the idea that to be an artist all you have to do is make art. I’m a self taught artist and because as a developing artist I didn’t have preconceived notions what the rules of making art and being a creator were, I was able to figure out what my art meant to me. I was able to decide for myself what made sense and what didn’t, how to think critically on my own and create something I had confidence in. Read more>>

Megan Walsh | Artist

We’re often taught that artists “starve” and that it’s not a lucrative career. Since I discovered my passion for painting in high school, this has been the story I’ve been told and that I’ve told myself. Read more>>

Theresa Marcotte | Hairstylist, Business Coach & Salon Owner

I can tell you what I used to think about risk- I never took any. The definition of risk is the possibility of loss. I can be a very matter-of-fact person so I used to make the safe decision, why? It was safe and I knew the result. But no one gets anywhere in life by only playing it safe. Read more>>

Ian Helmcke | Adventurer and Photographer

My favorite movie of all time is “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” with Ben Stiller. In it, Kristen Wiigs character has a line which has shaped the way I live my life: she says “life is about courage, and going into the unknown.” To me, this means if there is life to be lived, I must live it in risk and venture another step further into discovery and creativity. Read more>>

Ben Zabin | Magician & Producer

Risk Taking: How do you think about risk, what role has taking risks played in your life/career? Every great idea over time was started with a risk, and risk has been one of the most crucial aspects of my life and career. Read more>>

Angela Brearton | Wedding, Family & Maternity Photographer

Risk is necessary. Risks allow for growth. Without it, you’d never know if there was a better (or worse) way of doing things. Obviously, not everything has to be a bold choice, but life would be pretty boring if we didn’t leave room for them. Read more>>