We love rebels and people who challenge the status quo, conventional wisdom and mainstream narratives and so we asked some really bright folks to tell us about one piece of conventional advice they disagree with.

Rachel Cronin | Founder, Cronin Mountain, Author & Speaker

Just about everything in my life has gone against conventional wisdom. My advice would be to always follow your own path and not feel pulled away from your true self because of societal, family or cultural pressure. When I was little, I moved around a lot. I grew up in 19 different states and moved over 50 times. I grew up living a very unconventional life and also felt drawn to unconventional careers. Maybe it was the constant struggle, but I knew deep down I was capable of something greater. I worked very hard in many career paths looking for that “something”…. I worked as a professional model, actor and even joined in a few Miss USA pageants. After I got married, I dove into several business ideas while living as a military wife and raising our children. Read more>>

Ty Ono | Brand Strategist & Media Creator

I disagree with the conventional business strategy of focusing on promoting yourself as being “better” than the competition. In doing so, you force your audience to make a mental comparison, namely, between you and whomever you’re claiming to be “better than” (i.e., apples to apples). You’re creating a hierarchy: in order for your audience to decide whether your claim is true or not, they default to placing your competitor at the top and measuring you against them. Read more>>

Casey Edward | Life + Mindset Coach

One piece of conventional advice that I disagree with is that hard work = success. Now, don’t get me wrong, life is full of challenges, and that is what makes it fun and rewarding, but if we are in the mindset that hard work is the only way to make more money or be more successful, we will run out of hours in the day and energy to move forward. Does this mean I don’t work or push myself? Not at all, I am training for a marathon as we speak, but I do think that the notion that we can only succeed with more hours and more hustle is a bit antiquated. Read more>>

Cami Galofre | Artist & Educator

“Produce, produce, produce!”

As artists, we are taught that productivity is a virtue, yet it is rarely discussed how constant output can lead to creative burn out. It is easy to give in to the expectation that artists should be making art all the time because it reflects drive and passion. However, buying into this narrative can make you lose sight of why you started making art in the first place. While I do believe that it is important to play, experiment, and keep a creative practice alive. Read more>>

Emma and Randi Hanson | Owners

Fake it til you make it. We disagree because there is a level of confidence you can fake but doing your job well requires admitting you don’t know everything and you need to learn. Making mistakes is an important part of owning a business. Be okay with the process. Read more>>

Kristen Kapoor | Co-founder, Flouwer Co. *Also Theresa Halliburton, Co-founder, Flouwer Co.

I would say that we’ve often heard people advise others to “stay in your lane.” This is something we could not disagree with more and if that were the case, neither of us would have ever started Flouwer Co. We both have unique backgrounds in subjects that are nowhere near food production and manufacturing, but we followed our passions for gardening and entertaining and created something that we truly enjoy and hopefully also resonates with others. We love what we do and never could have envisioned having this much fun at work! Read more>>