We asked some of the most creative folks we know to open up to us about why they chose a creative career path. Check out their responses below.

Tori Johnson | Photographer & Brand Designer

I have always loved art and getting to use my creativity for as long as I can remember. Growing up my parents weren’t supportive of my art and said all artists are starving artists. As I got into high school I still really wanted to pursue art as my career and prove everyone wrong that I can turn photography and design into a career. I did just that, I worked hard building my portfolio while working full time. Fast forward to the end of 2020, I am now a full time photographer and brand identity photographer. Starting Studio Wholehearted was one of the best decisions. I really want to show others that its possible to go after their dreams wholeheartedly. Read more>>

Freebird Astro-Naughty Adam P. Beckett | Songwriter, Vocalist, Music Producer

I did not necessarily be artistic or create art for anything besides pleasure for many years. I was always building, learning, crafting, creating, making various art; but I was doing it just for enjoyment. Art in general has always captivated me throughout life, but it was never something that I thought I could do as a career. Over the last year or so, I have been in attack mode at learning the in’s and out’s of the music game. There is a major learning curve, and seemingly endless equipment options when stepping to the plate, so it really took some tinkering to get an effective system down. Now that we went through all of that, doors are just blowing open, and it does seem as if a creative career is something that could actually be possible. Read more>>

Rylee Domann | Spiritual Advisor: Astrologer, Psychic Channel, Reiki Master

Creativity has always excited me! I discovered in my early 20’s that entrepreneurship is an art form and never looked back. What personally expands me most about a creative career is that to succeed in this realm, you must remain open to learning. You never arrive. You can always grow. Creativity requires not just talent, but audacity. It requires a deep belief in yourself when you are paving your own way. My career is an extension of me. It is a container in which I can express my zone of genius, my artistry, my business savvy, and my spirituality. A space where all of the aspects of myself can work together as a force of good in the world. Read more>>

Mckenna Fuentes | Traveler | Travel Content Creator

There are so many reasons why I have pursued a creative career, but it really just comes down to passion. For as long as I can remember, I have been extremely curious about the world. I love learning languages, experiencing other cultures and visiting new places. I remember telling my grandpa when I was a kid that my dream job would be to travel the world and take pictures. I used to think that there was no way this would ever be possible. Read more>>

Matt Shaw | Outdoor and Active Lifestyle Photographer

I think the main reason I chose a creative career is the fact that there are no boundaries or rules that you have to follow. Sure there are industry standards and certain things you need to know to be successful, but no one can really tell you that you’re doing it wrong. Unlike an accountant where if you get the math wrong you have problems, the creative industry has a fairly loose structure. Certain people may dislike your work, but that’s just their opinion, and hey I can live with that. You can’t please everyone. Read more>>

Kenzie Phelps | Portrait & Small Wedding Photographer || Barista

Well, I hate to sound cliche, but, it’s in my blood! My parents are both artist of their own and always supported me with the arts and music even if it didn’t “pay the bills.” Not that it couldn’t, but it made them happy and it made US happy. I am so grateful that lyrics, locations and art all trigger memories of me with my family. It gives me the chills and even has made me cry tears a joy while living across the country as a song comes on the radio. I’ve had a camera in my hand since high school and the best free marketing one could have; their family and their community. Read more>>

Jake Beau | Independent Music Artist & Producer

I’ve been an artist since day one. I’ve always been surrounded by creative friends and family, and when I was a kid, I didn’t always fit in. I find solace in creative expression when traditional forms of communication with the world fail to satisfy me. During the 2020 lockdown, my view on life, the world, and my purpose evolved immensely. I became acutely aware of the many problems this crazy world is facing right now. I also began a spiritual journey, one that I’m still on. I realized my purpose was to share my ideas, thoughts, and love with the world, and to inspire positive change around me. Read more>>