There’s a ton of research around how setting habits can help us conserve energy because it reduces the number of decisions we have to make in a day. However, not all habits are created equal and so we’ve asked our community to tell us about the habits they have been most effective for them.

Jessica Amicarella | Lash Stylist

I would consider myself a hard worker. I was recently in a class where everyone was asked to say one word that describes a peer. Everyone used the word hustler to describe me. It has taken a lot of hardwork to get where I am today, but I feel that I’m a very determined individual. I don’t give up easily. Read more>>

Jarrod Sumpter | Video Producer & Cinematographer

Keeping habits that provide balance and motivation I think will always lead to success in your life. Because your business is only a part of you, it doesn’t have to be all of you. I think knowing your boundaries and how far you can push yourself is very important. Just like the old saying, dress for the job you want, not the job you have. Even though I don’t apply this so literally in my life I do apply a portion of it. I make it a habit to get up early everyday and get in some sort of exercise right off. I feel that this can help wake up your body and you can also check off your first accomplishment of the day. Also by doing this it allows you to think about what will be most important for you to tackle that day, rather than opening your email and allowing that to determine your day. From there it is important to keep a regimen of getting dressed as if you may be heading into an office or out on a shoot. Even though with Covid restrictions we are working a lot from home, I feel that if I dress for success then in turn my day will be successful and accomplished. Read more>>

NATALYA KING | Owner and Founder of BodyLove by Tal

Instead of habits I like to say I put systems in place for my life to maintain great habits. A great system that I added was the Miracle Morning. I do it every morning for my morning routine. Silence, Affirmations, visualization, Exercise, Reading and Journaling every morning before I start doing anything else with my day. When I am consistent with this system I thrive. I do the bullet journal method has changed my life! It is a form of journaling that works with your mind. Read more>>

Jesus Murillo Lum | Personal Trainer

The habits that I feel have generated success for me would have to be waking up early, exercising regularly, investing time into furthering my education to make sure I’m the best possible trainer and prioritizing my business. Most importantly I’ve been consistent throughout my success! I wake up at 4am Monday through Saturday showing up to the gym ready to make sure my clients get the best training sessions possible. I make sure my clients are getting the attention and assistance they need outside of the gym whether it be updating there calendars with new workouts or adjusting there nutrition goals for the week. I always make sure my clients come first. Read more>>

Megan Geyen | Health & Fitness Coach // PE & Yoga Teacher

When I first started thinking about starting BETA FIT co., I had alllllll these ideas. Like so so many that I felt extremely overwhelmed. There wasn’t a “dip your toe in” to tests the waters, I dove right in, cannon ball style, without hesitation. It’s funny, because I don’t feel like I am succeeding at anything. I feel like I am prioritizing items or situations that are important to me, and in return it is a benefit of my business. When I find something I truly value, it’s a no question scenario. I have learned & am still learning so many things. I am still finding out a lot about what it means to be successful…but I have a long ways before I feel successful. What one business owner values is going to completely different from them next. It is all about what jives with you, what resonates with you. Here are a fews things that have been a complete game changer for me: A Power List. My list people out there know how good it feels to cross off those things on your to-do list. I feel the same exact way. I create a power list of 5 things that have to get done every day. Read more>>

Jennifer Wise | Storybooking & Digital Scrapbooking Consultant

Success can be something difficult to measure, but I believe any degree of success goes back to relationships. I think the three main habits that have helped me succeed are: being available and helpful, organization, and communication. I was born with an altruistic nature, but I also make an effort to be there for my clients 100%. My business is all about the heart–helping people create photo and story treasures in heirloom-quality products. I am serious about being available to answer questions, provide motivation and inspiration, give tips and tutorials, and create an online community of memory-keepers for both fun and support. In addition to my goal to always service my clients well and truly take care of them, I am very organized. Of course, this helps me run my small business without running out of breath, but it’s helpful to those who depend on me, too, because I have so many resources at my fingertips which I can share with anyone who needs them. I believe that communication is the highest form of connection and respect. Read more>>

David Manthey | Running Coach & Race Director

I’ve always been a very persistent person, and don’t walk away from things easily, especially when I’ve been told, “you can’t do that.” That persistent attitude, coupled with a will to out-hustle people, is probably my biggest asset. I’m not an elite runner by any means, so when I first started coaching distance runners in 2002, I knew that I would have to outwork other coaches in order to succeed long-term. The other key is staying humble, and learning from mistakes to turn them into successes. We’re all human, we all make mistakes, but those who are successful make the most of those mistakes. Read more>>

Amy Stephens | Owner and Photographer

After starting my photography business in 2008, I quickly learned that being creative and taking beautiful pictures is only part of the job. Running a successful business requires consistency and communication, and that’s how I’ve built my brand to stand out. I have worked hard since day one to provide a consistent experience and end-product for my families. I treat each family as my most important client. I want everyone to feel that they are getting the very best portrait experience. Over the years I have also developed habits and tools that help my communication with clients, including quick and detailed responses to inquiries, an informative and beautiful website, thorough session preparation and planning guides, and of course good old fashioned phone conversations and emails to ensure a personalized portrait session. All of this adds up to providing a superior service to my families. I want my families to walk into their session feeling prepared and eager for their session, and to leave feeling happy and excited about the time we’ve spent together and the images I’ve captured. I want them to love their session before they’ve even seen their final gallery. The portraits themselves become the icing on the cake. Read more>>

Jared Gant | Wedding Photographer

Morning and evening routines have had a huge impact on me and the success of my business. Starting and ending the day on the right foot sets the tone for the rest of the day. Both my wife and I start our day together, reviewing our schedules, drinking coffee, and some meditation and journaling. We end the day by putting our kids to bed, relaxing with either a book or tv, and having lights off at 10PM. Read more>>

Robert Blakely | Entrepreneur

I love to look at things from a different perspective. I believe being about to look at a situation or problem in a different way allows me to be creative when finding a solution. Traditional thinking is sometimes helpful and sometimes it’s not. Read more>>

Audrey Gebhardt | Celebration Enthusiast

This is going to sound so cheesy because you’ve heard it a million times but- keeping a gratitude journal has helped me FEEL successful. I really believe that it’s impossible to grow without showing immense gratitude for what you already have. Every single day I sit down with my gratitude journal and even when it’s hard to think of something big I start with what I can see and feel around me- the heat in my house, the nice shampoo I used in my shower, the delicious omelette I had for breakfast. Once I start writing what I’m grateful for I can usually think of ten more things almost immediately. When we book any event I get a notification on my phone and EVERY time, my partner and I do a ‘money sprinkle’ dance and celebrate the win no matter how small. Read more>>