We had the good fortune of connecting with Adir Saati and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Adir, how has your perspective on work-life balance evolved over time?
This is a great question, and really what Longevity Training Philosophy is all about. We believe everything has a balance. If we exercise too much, we could get hurt. If we eat too many of one healthy food, we could get sick, etc…

The Longevity Training motto is ‘Move to Live, Live to Move”. I started this program to help people ( mainly older people) increase the amount of active years in our lifetime, because thats what life is all about. Being active, playing sports, walking…. its the balance of life.

That being said, I stick to a pretty consistent active schedule. I enjoy sports like, rock climbing, hiking, camping, standup paddle boarding, disc golf, biking, golf, pickle ball, basketball, and most of all, I try and snowboard about 50 days a year on the mountain. Yes, I know thats ALOT, ha, what can I say? I love to move and play!

I have always worked hard to continue the growth of my business, and of course struggle every once in awhile with the “work/life balance”. When I first started Longevity Training, I listened to lots of “Entrepreneur Guru’s” talking about, working 14 hour days, making sacrifices by giving up relationships/commitments that dont bring you closer to have reach your ‘dream”.

I realized my dream was to have this balance. To lead by example and show my clients that life is about enjoying activities that require movement, and to not avoid them, but embrace what it takes to participate in them. We preach to PREPARE for everything you do in your day, and then RECOVER from it, so we have Longevity in those fun activities we want to continue doing for the rest of our life.

I think ultimately when I look back on my year and reflect, the balance comes more naturally, and I’m grateful for that. In certain moments throughout the year I cant help wonder if I were to put more time into the business/brand/ networking, and less time/focus/energy on the fun “life” activities, would I be bigger/ more successful, and further into my career ?

Then, I remember that BALANCE is everything, and the journey getting there is what to focus on. Of course consistent progress and growth is important for the business, but I always go back to the Motto of LT , ” Move to Live, Live to Move”, and remember to be present, enjoy being active, having fun, and in turn, the business will grow because others will want to live a similar life, full of movement and activity.

What should our readers know about your business?
When I first started Personal Training, my goal was all about getting people to LOOK better. Over the years I have evolved entirely, due to different mentors, and certifications I was taught. Now, its all about getting people to MOVE better first. Once we can move better, then goals like looking better become easier to reach.

The most impactful change was when I was introduced to Applied Functional Science, created by Gary Gray and the Gray Institute. I was introduced to this by my Mentor, David Jacobs. David became and remains a mentor to me, and more importantly a great friend. He and AFS taught me to look at the body as a whole system working together as a team, If one teammate isn’t doing it job, that could lead to dysfunctions and injuries over time. The moment i heard more about this philosophy, i was hooked. I remember having a similar “aha!” moment, and said to myself, “this is the key, this is what everyone needs to be doing to live an active healthy lifestyle”. From that point on I was all in on “Applied Functional Science”.

I noticed immediately that unlike me, when i explained this philosophy to others, it took more convincing. I wondered why this was, and I think its because we as a society have been so familiar with the “no pain, no gain” mentality. The body building type of training, getting you to look better first, and that working on crawling or walking better, wouldn’t be enough to make a young person feel like they got a “good, hard workout in”.

Longevity Training has has success stories after success story, of clients avoiding major surgeries, golf swings are increasing distance/ range of motion, and most claim they have much less aches and pains, on a daily basis.

As I get older, my personal goals are changing significantly. Instead of vanity being part of the goal (have 6 pack Abs), my goal is more about being able to participate in the physically challenging things i love to do, and to be able to do them consistently at a high level, for years and years to come. To be able to climb higher, or ski longer, or jump higher in basketball, and most of all, to not get injured doing those things. THATS the obvious, most important goal in my opinion. “Sexy” comes natural with that lifestyle, because you’re living your best life, and its obvious to everyone around you (and thats the most sexy).

Especially as we get older, we realize how much more important everyday life movements become harder and more challenging. We dont see this when we are young, because to most of us, it comes naturally. Walking has been natural, running, breathing, etc… until we arent able to do it as well is when we realize how important it is, and it not too late, but its just makes it that much harder to correct when we are older.

My goal is to try and educate more younger people on the important of muscle and joint health, for Longevity of their life.
Just like brushing our teeth, we all know and accept that we need to brush twice a day, and floss to remain healthy for our Gums and Teeth. We dont look in the mirror after brushing and expect it to be whiter/ healthier. We do it because we trust that if we are consistent, we should have healthy teeth for the rest of our lives.

We as a society need to adopt this same mentality we all accept for our teeth, and apply it to our Muscles and Joints. if you neglect the health of either, you will unfortunately see the impact it has later in life.

Thats my goal for Longevity Training, and for you reading this.

If you had a friend visiting you, what are some of the local spots you’d want to take them around to?
Well, id probably start at Rosenbergs Deli to get a delicious bagel breakfast sandwich. Since im all about the mountains, id probably then take them to Red Rocks to do a fun workout on the stairs and enjoy that amazing energy/ atmosphere . After that, to cool off, id probably bring them to one of Denvers best local breweries, like Novel Strand Brewing Company (by far my favorite) for a delicious beer, and friendly people. Around that area, I would try and find a scooter to rent, and take that down the bike path that follows the south platte river, and goes all the way through Denver, showing you different areas and neighborhoods.

Shoutout is all about shouting out others who you feel deserve additional recognition and exposure. Who would you like to shoutout?
David Jacobs and Neil Bogan at Level 3 fitness. They were my mentors, and remain my mentors even till this day. Without the help and guidance of those two gentlemen, I would not be where I am today. They didn’t just introduce me to “Applied Functional Science”, but they also took me under their wings, and taught me as much as they possibly could in the time i was next to them every day in the gym.

Longevity Training was created from everything I learned from David and Neil combined. I took the info i learned, and tried to simplify it, so i could teach other people with little to no anatomy or fitness background, to understand as best as possible the amazing information i had learned from David and Neil.

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