The Coronavirus has given many us an opportunity to pause and think about life, our purpose, and even the right work life balance. What’s your perspective and has it changed over time?

Kam Franklin | Musician, producer, activist, interdisciplinary artist

My balance is getting better everyday, but there is always room for improvement. I think about the balance by reminding myself that mastering it will only benefit me and my overall well-being in the long run. A healthy and sustainable work life balance takes time, mistakes, and trying again, but I really am enjoying the process of trying to figure it all out. Read more>>

Martina Felderman | Career & Leadership/Executive Coach

I love to work and I love to play. What really allowed me to create the balance I want for myself and my family was to get crystal clear on what I want to do for work. For me, that was starting my own coaching and consulting business after working in the sciences for over 15 years. Read more>>

Jason McQueen | Master Trainer and Fascial Release Specialist

I have always connected to the concept of balance. I believe it to be a key to success in life, in health, and in relationships. The work/life problem is one that spans most of our lives and one that many people have struggled with, including me. How I have chosen to balance between the two has definitely shifted throughout the years and will shift more as I go along on this amazing journey. Read more>>

Cissy Miller | Real Estate Agent

Work life balance is something I am passionate about, but not in the way you might think! I was a young mom, and found success early in my career. I was travelling frequently for work and it really did take a village to raise my son. If it wasn’t for the support system we had built, I would not have been able to do both.  Read more>>

Amy Heyse | Artist & Mother

Before I had my two girls, I used to have longer stretches of time to paint. When my season of life changed, I found myself struggling to find time to create and needed to reevaluate my expectations and adjust to what was actually feasible as mom of little kids. At first, it was only 15 minutes a day and as the seasons of my life slowly adjusted again, I was able to increase the amount of time I was able to sit down and be creative. Read more>>

Elizabeth Barbour | Intuitive Life & Business Coach

I’ve been coaching for more than 20 years. In the early years of my business, I was single and I loved to work. I worked evenings and weekends – partly because I was hustling but also for the sheer joy of it. I loved going to networking events and attending professional development seminars because it was a social outlet for me as well as beneficial for my business. Read more>>

Cody Galloway | TULA Chief Experience Officer, and Collaborative Events Co-Founder

The event world on it’s own is fast-paced, stressful, and all hours of the day…. add starting and sustaining your own event business and a couple kids to the mix and to put it simply- balance was not a word I used very frequently/ever. Enter a global pandemic and a mass shut down of the entertainment and hospitality industry…and we went from peak business we had seen in three years to virtually zero business within the course of a week. Read more>>

Courtney McLachlan | Co-founder of Protea Lane

I’m going to be honest here. It’s hard for us to be balanced these days. We are entrepreneurs, our husbands are entrepreneurs, and we are mamas to four kids under the age of 5 between the both of us. It is not easy! Our balance has changed over time mainly due to the age of our kids and what product we are launching at the time. Sometimes things are slow paced and sometimes we stay up until 1 am trying to fold the 5 loads of wrinkled laundry and communicate to our manufacturer. Read more>>