We asked some of the city’s rising stars about why they think they have been so successful and we’ve shared their responses below.

Christina Rowe, MSOL | Leadership and Team Development Expert

I believe strongly in the habit of putting people first and taking the time to consider your impact on others. As The Collaborative has grown it’s been a habit that has served us well. When COVID started we offered free coaching sessions to leaders in our community to help them go remote quickly, have difficult conversations with their teams, or help maintain connections. Putting the needs of people first in a time they felt overwhelmed reminded them that their trust in us was well placed, and it even helped to deepen the relationship we had in the community. Read more>>

Halim Ali | Mental Health Advocate, Master Facilitator and Life Coach

Understanding and studying “The 5 Foes Of Man” ie; misery, weakness, instability, inconstancy and insufficiency of knowledge lead me to claim dominion over my own happiness regardless of external circumstances or conditions. Lead me to focus on what is strong and not what is wrong in myself and others. Lead me to understand the importance of foundational principles, the stabilization and implementation of said principles in my daily life and affairs. And also lead me to understand and appreciate that the gathering of knowledge and information is more than a kindergarten through 12th grade undertaking but a life long journey. Read more>>

Carley Rutledge | Digital Content Producer/Director & Podcast Host

In my experience as a freelancer, intern, student, full-time employee, no matter the position – the most valuable habit has been passion balanced with discipline. However, I have always been in a constant battle between passion and burn-out. As creatives, we all struggle with balancing vigorous dedication and the unavoidable low-points of burning out – so what is the happy medium? Can you have one without the other? I believe that my greatest asset will always be the ability to become completely obsessed with something. Our best work always comes when we are working a project or topic that we truly love – we all know that burning feeling of inspiration when a new idea hits, and the sleepless nights at the computer that follow. That obsession is a creator’s best asset – but in my experience it can also be our greatest downfall. I know I have hit that obsessive creative stride one too many times before. The exhaustion creeps in, the motivation slips away, and the ideas come slower and slower, until full burnout sets in. Read more>>

GreyBeard | Denver HipHop Producer and Emcee

Consistency has been a big factor in my success. There are times as an artist that I don’t feel inspired to create – especially this year being locked down in quarantine for the majority of the year. Most of the time I can work through it by forcing myself to make beats or write rhymes. And sometimes… it’s just better to sit still and let the inspiration come to me. It’s hard to balance out, but using this technique I’ve been able to create art, perform at shows, and release an album throughout the pandemic. Consistency can also mean that you keep your word. When I’m booked for a show, you can be sure I’ll be there on time and ready to go. Promoters know who’s serious and who isn’t. If you show you’re willing to do the work, you’ll get invited back because they know they can count on you. Read more>>

Kristen Judd | Executive Vice President – Five Rings Financial

Habits are the foundation of achieving goals. A lot of times, I find that when I’m working with other business owners or any of my agents; that they are confusing habits with goals. The habits that I became relentless with are Marketing/finding new people, making sure that my calendar was always full with the most important action items, and follow up. Read more>>