Are you thinking about starting a business? If so, we think you’ll enjoy reading about how these seasoned entrepreneurs thought about the question when they were in your shoes.

Seth Bradley | Co-founder and co-owner of Nude Dude Food, LLC

We had been cooking and sharing food with friends and family for over a decade, and wanted a way to do that for others as well. We were burnt out on our former careers, so we followed our passion for food and entertaining and developed a brand and business for it. Read more>>

Bree Wolfe | Esthetician & Makeup Artist

I’ve been an Esthetician for 17 years. Thanks to my Dad, I’ve always had an entrepreneur mindset. I have started multiple businesses without really knowing what the outcome would be. The opportunity came up last year to open this studio, and I laughed. Open a new business during a pandemic? I thought “There is no way I will be able to manage starting a new business, and raising two little boys at the same time!” Read more>>

Shelby Scarbrough | CO Founder | The Global School of Entrepreneurship

I am a serial entrepreneur. I love creating new business and new opportunities. A small group of co-founders got together to disrupt the MBA market. As entrepreneurs, we knew that the traditional MBA program is not truly suited or designed for the entrepreneur who is knee deep in business end of their enterprise. So, we decided to create an MBA by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs. Read more>>

Ayla Maisey | Elopement & Intimate Wedding Photographer

You know, I don’t think I ever intended to make photography into a business. I went into it out of pure creative impulse (starting with various iPhones, iPods, and point-and-shoots over the years, then getting my first real DSLR in 2015), and then kept photographing because of the way it made people feel. Read more>>

Erin O’Brien | Owner of Saved by the Wine

For me, when pulling the trigger to open business, it came down to what is going to really make me happy in my career. After much debate of risks and rewards, it became apparent that creating my own business was the only true option for me. My business partner (Allison), and I worked in the restaurant industry a long time and simply thought we could create our own unique space. We aspired to create a place that brought people together in a casual and warm atmosphere, do good by donating to the animal shelter, and be good employers. Thus, we created Saved by the wine, a wine bar and restaurant that donates to animal causes. Read more>>

Mike Deaton | Real Estate Entrepreneur

In 2016 after spending decades successfully climbing the corporate ladder in the tech industry I found myself at a crossroads. I did not want to relocate to the west coast and the thought of starting fresh at a new company was unbearable. At the same time, we were empty nesting as our 2 daughters were off to life on campus. Read more>>

Serena Fernandez Brittany Newman | Owners & Creators of Crave Botanicals

Our thought process behind starting Crave Botanicals was to create all natural, safe and sustainable products that you can feel good about using. After reading through the ingredients of our daily hygiene and household products, we noticed one big thing; you don’t know what most of the ingredients are! And we are using/consuming this daily. We then became determined to create clean, plant based formulas. Not only can you recognize each ingredient, but you can feel good about your impact on the environment. All of our packaging is minimal and sustainable. Read more>>

Rachel DiMatteo | Colorado Native | Mompreneur | Home Hustler

I had the entrepreneurial bug at a very young age and knew that I wanted to start my own business one day. While growing up, I watched my parents give everything to jobs they hated and watched it suck the lives out of them. I was determined to do whatever it took to never have to live my life the same way. I wanted control over my own success and happiness and I genuinely wanted to love what I did. Read more>>

Jaimie Beebee | Casting Director & Podcast Host

I never had a clear idea of what career I wanted, but I always knew I’d never work in an office or at a job that I had to punch a clock or be sitting at a desk at a certain time for a certain number of hours. I don’t do that well with those kinds of rules. I do great with deadlines and I always get things done, but I need to do it in my own way – which is usually a little out of the box. I’m a very creative person, but in order to create I need to do it on my own terms, whether that means I’m working in my backyard or on a tropical island, or at 3am from my bedroom. Read more>>

Adam and Anna Heinauer | Owners of the Lettucehead Food Company

In 2020, we were still living in Denver and working corporate jobs in the health care industry. With an interest in food and wellbeing, we began scheming on small business ideas in an effort to find passion in our careers as well as feel integrated into a community. Our goal was to establish a small business that aligned with our interests and supported the wellbeing of those around us. Around this time we were also looking to move to a small mountain town in Colorado and were fortunate enough to be connected with the Lettucehead Food Company, a local health food store that had been in the Buena Vista community for years and was looking to be passed on to new ownership. This allowed us to jump right in to an existing business and make it our own. Read more>>

Cameron Nelson | Owner & Creative Director

This began in 2014 as an idea for an after-hours design studio, while working full-time in advertising during the day. Over the years, I was enjoying creating my own designs so much so that I decided to step into making outdoor apparel and goods world to express my perspective. I focused on work that reflected the spirit of the mountains and my own adventures growing up out West. In the last year, I began taking less client work and focusing more on the business side of running an apparel company. My slogan is “Bound to Wander” and I suppose I’m wandering into unknown territory with my design-driven business. Read more>>

Brenna Harvey | Fiber & Chalk Artist

I was raised in a very creative and skilled household wherein my parents also ran a small business. The ups-and-downs and financial insecurity growing up dissuaded me away from entrepreneurship as a young adult, but the pandemic really forced me to reassess what is important to me and what makes me happy. I took a really long break from any creative pursuits due to work obligations and raising a family, and BIDEdesign is 100% me getting back to that and finding myself in the process. Read more>>

Dave Johnson | Zookeeper and Conservationist

I started my own non-profit conservation organization back in 2014. The Katie Adamson Conservation Fund is the product of all my animal experiences, dreams, and aspirations, all rolled up into one huge wonderful experience. We had lost one of my longtime zoo explorer scouts and interns to cancer. Katie Adamson had been working with us for almost 12 years when she passed away while she was attending CSU to get her wildlife degree. Read more>>

Katelyn Ellis | Horse Trainer

The thought process behind starting my own business started when I was in college. I knew school was not for me very quickly and my passion had always been horses. I went part time in school and started to pursue training horses. Not long after I sought out a certification program under a bigger named horse trainer and finished the program. Now I am able to commit to my business 100%, and I could not be more thankful to my clients, friends and family who recommend me to others as well as support me in my business. Read more>>

Stephanie Elston | Co founder

As two British expats we wanted to bring a taste of British desserts to the US market. With the increase in popularity of the British Baking shows it seemed a great time to start a dessert baking box business and allow people to recreate traditional recipes in their own homes. With a love of baking, our heritage and drive to create our own business the British Bash was formed. Read more>>

Chanel Lilley | Owner & Creator of Simply All-Natural

I come from a family of small business entrepreneurs. I grew up watching my dad and older sister pursue all kinds of different businesses when I was a kid. Everything from a bakery to a dress shop and even a family farm. My passion and desire for holistic remedies, naturally made products and a chemical-free lifestyle pushed me in that direction. I have been making all-natural products for over 10 years and after moving to Colorado in 2020 I began sharing my creations with the community and Simply All-Natural was born. Read more>>

Lizzie Reinthal | Artist & School Programs Coordinator

I have always been a creative person in one way or another, though I really didn’t embrace it until recently. I occasionally do commissioned paintings, and I was showing a coworker some of my work. She was impressed, to say the least, and she asked what I was doing working at an elementary school instead of working as an artist. So that was really the impetus for me starting The Bumbleberry. I still do commission work, but it’s expanded from just painting into stationery design, wax seals, and calligraphy. Read more>>

Tiffany Gonzalez | Wife, Momma & Serial Entrepreneur

When I first thought of Consider It Done, I wanted to pay forward all of the help I received after having a pretty traumatic experience giving birth to my first daughter. I had an emergency cesarean, and my friends and family supported me in ways I never thought that I would need. I wanted to create a way to do the same. Years later, after working for the Department of Medicine for a local hospital, I leaned into my administrative skills and took a chance on myself to start my Virtual Assistant business. Read more>>

Chana Wood Entrepreneur | Entrepreneur

Starting Sugar Wood/Sugar Wear was a touch of happenstance, a dash of fate with a spoonful of determination. We were living in the Twin Cities 9 years ago and my husband was laid off from his job. In an effort to renew our spirits and start fresh, we decided to move to my hometown area in Cumberland Wisconsin where I grew up on my Grandparent’s farm. We wanted to be close to my grandparents again as well as other local family in the area. Read more>>