Are you thinking about starting a business? If so, we think you’ll enjoy reading about how these seasoned entrepreneurs thought about the question when they were in your shoes.

Reed Letson | Mortgage Broker

When working for someone else, you don’t get to have a lot of input in how the process works. You are given rules on how to operate even though you know there is a better way to go about it. Read more>>

Wendy DiMartino | Co-Owner and Lagree Instructor

We acquired this business from a previous owner that was fatigued of running a sole proprietorship during COVID. Read more>>

Ileana Rico | Portrait Photographer

I am a 29 year old women with a beautiful family, a supportive husband and two pretty girls 11 and 6 years old. I have always worked full time jobs and since I became a mom, mostly as a house keeper. Read more>>

Aimee Armitage, MS | Nutritionist

When I began my Master’s degree in Nutrition, the thought of owning a nutrition practice had not crossed my mind. It wasn’t until the end of my program that I had decided to start up my own practice while working towards becoming a Certified Nutrition Specialist. Read more>>

Eleni Ottalagana | Registered Dietitian

I’ve been exposed to holistic health and healing all my life. It wasn’t until I was in the depths of my own health journey that I realized something was off about women’s health care. Read more>>

Alexis Tews | Crystal Alchemist and Jewlery Creator

In the beginning, I never saw this becoming a business. Through the struggle of Covid, I found myself surrendering back into my essence. What I found there was this natural desire to create and share the healing involved with the creation. Read more>>

Bret Cromwell | Photographer and soccer coach.

Photography has always been a passion of mine but it’s always remained a hobby. This was until the pandemic hit and I all of a sudden had all this extra free time. Read more>>

Caitlin Nelson | Owner

When I decided to start my own business, it was in tandem with my brother who also wanted to start a business. We both had lost our jobs during COVID, and had a little money saved up. Read more>>

Ryan Wilson | Director of Team Trust Productions

I started Team Trust after a production shoot in Winter Park, Colorado. We were filming and exploring trust as it is expressed between visually impaired athletes and their able-sighted guides. We strapped GoPros on these pairs as they ripped down ski slopes at 60-plus miles per hour. Read more>>

Emily McAllister | Certified Life Coach

I have spent years trying to figure myself out and find tools for showing up in the world with intention. When I learned about Life Coaching and hired my own coach, I was amazed by how much I grew. Read more>>

Tereza & Lubos Czechthemountains | Hikers & fundraisers

As we do love hiking and śpending time in nature. We tough that our thruhiking needs higher purpose and be beneficial fot more people than just us. We decided to fundraising for people after spinal cord injury so they come back to nature and enjoy the healing vibes from it. Read more>>

Kayleen Cohen | Founder & Digital Marketing Specialist

I never set out to start my own business. At the time I was a full-time barista working in a coffee shop. I knew I had a plethora of skills including writing and design that I wanted to share with my community. Read more>>

Brianna Weiss | Entrepreneur & Small Business Owner

I watched my parents and the stress they had after getting off work of working behind a computer all day and thought, “I hope I don’t end up like that someday”. Read more>>

Elisa Korf | Curio Guild Co-Owner

I wanted to take items that still have life in them and give them a chance to be loved again. I took my love of things from yesteryear and running a business that I can be proud of. Learning the basics would empower us to either grow or begin other ventures. Read more>>

Valerie Rudd Ashley Le | Florists

We both started in floral departments of local grocery stores, and quickly fell in love with it. Over the first few years we noticed that the vast majority of vendors tend to take advantage of the word “wedding” to add a few extra zeros to their price tag. Read more>>

clea nagel | Esthetician and Waxing Studio Owner

I started my own business around the time people started whispering about a possible shut down. My current company was beginning to plan for cuts. Read more>>

Presley Peach | Clown & Sex Worker

About six years ago I found myself in LA doing porn. At this point, I had already been a full time circus artist. Experiencing the porn industry really illuminated how broken American sex culture is. Read more>>

Sean Barragan | Artist

My initial thought was it’d be great to be paid for what I loved to create. Being an artist is all about community. Ideas and attitudes transmit from person to person and the artist’s role is to create visual representations for these ideas. Read more>>

Anna Kayfitz | Founder of the Visited App

The idea of the business began with a personal need to keep track of all the countries I have visited. This lead to the creation of Visited App. When the downloads started increasing, the realization that this could be a business began. Read more>>

Brad Borkowski | Construction Teacher & Chessboard Maker

I really needed the money! I just moved out to Colorado after graduating with an education degree from University of Northern Iowa. Read more>>

Amanda Shaffo | owner of Healing Colonics LLC

I have been getting colonics since I was in my early 20’s because I suffered from food and pollen allergies, I broke out with acne on a regular basis,  Read more>>

Chris Vargoshe | Private Chef

Starting your own business takes a lot of energy, time, money, sweat, tears and in some cases blood. Why did I do it? Freedom. I wanted freedom from the grueling restaurant lifestyle, Read more>>

ryan goins | Kung Fu,Tai Chi, and Qi Gong teacher

Nothing is free. I wanted to continue learning and hone my art. I figured the best way was to start a small side business teaching and sharing what I learned. Read more>>