Through our work we have been constantly amazed at the incredible things people in every neighborhood are working on. What’s even more exciting is that they all have different stories, backgrounds, strengths and weaknesses. That there isn’t a single formula for success means that everyone can take their unique set of strengths and characteristics and turn it into a success story. We recently reached out to some folks we admire and asked them what characteristics they feel are responsible for their success.

Rustin Coburn | Rustin Coburn | Partner at Jack Spades Startup Studio

Ikigai! Ikigai is a Japanese word that roughly translates to “a reason to get out of bed in the morning.” But more specifically it is about understanding four elements: – What you are good at (Purpose) – What you can get paid for (Profit) – What the world needs (Problems) – What you love (Passion) An easy way to remember this is “the four P’s of success”… haha I just made that up. You can use it. But for some reason, my mind has always worked in a Venn Diagram of what is at the center of these four elements. I always needed my life to fulfill a mission, a personal passion, and have an alignment with my profession and my personal vocation. I have always started with the problem, and for me, it has been about finding ways to improve uniquely human skills, such as; leadership, adaptability, creativity, and learning to learn. My personal north star is to “bring out the best in others.” It ain’t easy, and if I am not working on improving myself every day there is no way I can help others do the same. In order to do that it is about developing good principles. Read more>>

Tristan Taylor | International Model and Singer-Songwriter

I believe the most important factor behind my success so far has been discipline. Being an international model definitely requires a lot of sacrifices, whether that’s following a very strict diet and exercise regimen for years and years, as well as finding internal confidence even when it’s hard. I think the fact that I make so many sacrifices in my life to fully pursue what I love and my career is what has helped me succeed. Read more>>

Chiniqua & Stanisha Jackson & Evans | Directors

I would say the families that join our organization the parents trusting us with their children to mold and teach them and being that 2nd parent who cares and teachesthem values for their future. The kids excited and grateful to be part of our organization and looking up to us as role models, a 2nd mom and 2nd family. Read more>>

Erin McDonald | Gymnastics & Dance Studio Owner

People – a lot of great people! I am a sponge when it comes to learning from people, but I also know we can only be so successful on our own, and we need to surround ourselves with people hat help us balance The people on my team that have helped me build my business, that believe in our mission, that balance me, and make coming to work fun. The people that support me at home when I need to work late, when I need help changing air filters, or installing equipment. The people that cheer me on when I need and catch me when I fall. The people that have given me tough feedback when I needed it most. That challenged me to think differently, do differently, and just plain be uncomfortable so that I could continue to grow. The people that let me learn from them. That took me under their wing, and let me watch and learn from their behavior. Read more>>

Jordie Karlinski | Retired Professional Snowboarder, Real Estate Broker at Compass

To give some context around my answer, I started snowboarding at the age of 7 and began to compete at the age of 8 at a very local level. After doing well at the local level and when I was in middle school, I began to compete at larger levels, regionally and across the nation. It was about at this time that my snowboard coach introduced me to goal setting which we did in the fall, right before the competition season kicked off. I would set weekly, monthly, season-long, and yearly goals. They’d be written down on a piece of paper and throughout the winter season, my coach and I would revisit them often to see where I was at, what I had accomplished, not accomplished, and what we needed to adjust. Once I began setting goals and having a vision of where I wanted to be at the end of the winter season. Read more>>

Jes Tilton | Proposal and Event Planner

I think anyone who has ever worked with me would tell you – I am willing to do anything for my couples. Whether someone is planning a proposal or their wedding, they are planning what they hope will be one of the best days of their lives. For me, that’s what it all boils down to – I am helping plan, shape, and design someone else’s vision for what will be this incredible memory…of course I would do whatever it takes to make that happen. How many people get to make dreams come true as their job. Read more>>

Alexandra Gove | Founder & Creative Director of Hygge Life

We believe that the personal connection and relationships with our customers is the most important factor behind the success of Hygge Life. We love talking about the ‘hygge’ lifestyle with everyone that walks through our shop doors as well as sharing the stories behind each product. Every pillow, candle, chair, etc. is created by someone’s hands and we feel that it is important to share the stories of the design and creation process to connect people with the pieces they love. Read more>>

Kyle Shannon n/a | CEO of Storyvine

The most important factor behind my success is having a healthy relationship between passion and reality with a driving force of curiosity. Even though I dreamed of being an actor, I began my college education in computer science, but quickly became disillusioned, and switched my major to theatre. It was the first major moment where I committed to what’s become a lifelong passion: the art of storytelling This strategy led my career. What if I became an actor? I acted in New York City, an experience that transitioned me to starting and running a theater company. The same experience opened the opportunity to put my computer skills & knowledge I gained doing desktop publishing, and allowed me to create the award-winning online magazine, Urban Desires. At the same time, I co-founded AGENCY.COM, where I served as Chief Creative Officer and Chief People Officer before the company had a successful IPO on the NASDAQ in 1999 and was ultimately sold to Omnicom in 2002. Read more>>

Julie Davis | CEO/Founder JMD Productivity Training

The most important factor behind my success and brand is consistence, persistence and authenticity.. Ever since I launched my company in 2015, I have not waivered from the lane of productivity, what I stand for, and what I help business owners with. I have shown up at networking groups, on line, and through my marketing consistently every single month and week. As well, there is never a question as to who I am and what you are going to get when you engage with me. Read more>>

Mike Finney | Photographer

Definitely the people around me. I’ve been very fortunate to meet and befriend a large group of very talented and creative people who always drive me to keep going. Many of which have been very involved in my process, helping behind the scenes with hair and makeup, special fx, models, clients, and even music. And, I love supporting them as well, helping them market themselves and providing them with content for their own brands. I also love the competition created by just having these driven people in my life. When my creativity is at a low and I have no drive to create, just seeing the work that they’re all putting out makes me want to get it together and get back to work. So yeah, having that support system at my back has definitely been the fuel for my success. It really is all about who you know, in the creative space. Read more>>

Lauren Storeby | Co-owner of Snack Attack Specialty Sandwiches & Brews, Co-founder of the Online Restaurant Academy and Local Lululemon Ambassador.

Community. Without the support of the community we would be toast… like gone! When we originally opened Snack Attack we knew we wanted to create community but we didn’t realize HOW important it really was to having a sustainable brand. We quickly learned we had to implement our community initiatives to get people in the door, especially up here in Fort Collins. We started hosting all the fun community events like Bend & Brew Yoga, group runs, beer and donut pairings, painting nights, etc. Not being able to connect with our community like we used is tough, but it also motivates us to keep going. Those events will come back post- Covid, hopefully sooner than later. Read more>>

Tiffany Bausch Weld | Founder & Designer

Almost 2 years ago, I started a morning meditation practice that has been life changing. Being still and sitting in silence has contributed to the success of my brand, my designs, and has brought great clarity to my path ahead. This is also where I find inspiration and ideas for the pieces I create and the goals I set for the business. Read more>>

John Robson | Photographer

For me to be successful, I must be invested in the success of my clients. This starts with establishing a foundation for an ongoing professional relationship which is built on trust, collaboration and communication. As these relationships are strengthened we become successful together. I’d much rather continue to work with the same client rather than do a job that is once and done. It is my goal to create a relationship and art, not to do a job and merely chase a paycheck. Read more>>

Mackenzie Smith-Wuest | Wedding Planner, Style + Design

The most important factor behind my success, is the belief I had in myself that I could succeed. To be scared but to do it anyways. To recognize your worth and talent! I know this sounds silly, even trivial, but it’s truly been the most important factor. And don’t get me wrong, I struggled with this, especially in my first year, but I made a commitment to myself and I stuck to it! A support system is also very important, but at the end of the day the person that will have unlimited access to you, is yourself. Ultimately, it comes down to being your own advocate and cheerleader! When it comes to the success of the brand, Fable style + design, investing in good content and continually educating yourself within your field is essential. Put in the long hours, spend the money and surround yourself with like minded people. Read more>>

Dana Birke | Jewelry Designer

I know this sounds trite but the answer is hard work! From start to finish (as in any job or industry) there is so much work involved in creating the product and getting it sold. From finding the right sources for gems and raw materials, to getting the ideas for and creating the jewelry, to the marketing of my work, showing up at markets and fairs and being an enthusiastic salesperson and giving unparalleled customer service; it takes a lot of time and hard work. It is so important though. It makes me feel so invested in my work and brings an unquantifiable authenticity that people are drawn to. Read more>>

Janiea Ruscio | Lashed by Janiea

Success has a very different definition to everyone. Helping my clients feel safe, beautiful, and loved on the inside and out is my only goal. I would not enjoy the work that I do if I didn’t have the most caring, funny and loyal clientele. My business thrives on word of mouth and referrals. I treat each client with the upmost respect and kindness. Work is never work when you do what you love. Read more>>

Donna Galassi | CEO & Digital Brand Strategist

I’ve been in business for over ten years, and have grown from a solo-preneur to a team of four. 2020 has been a year of challenges and a year of opportunity for us. The number one most important factor behind the success and growth of my business is simple – its having a big vision, and seeing purpose as something bigger than myself. To me, it comes down to recognizing the transformation made in the lives of our customers, seeing how working with us changes their lives and business. It is that which keeps me inspired. It boils down to so much more than the services we offer. We see how our customer’s business grows after working with us. It is in seeing that growth, that transformation that keeps us motivated. Being an entrepreneur is not always easy. There are tough days, decisions to be made, and lots of work to be completed. Read more>>

Dan C Bearded | Content Creator

The most important factor behind the success of my YouTube channel and brand would originality. I am approaching a niche in a way that has never been done before. I am bringing all of the other aspects like hard work, passion, consistency, and whatever else. However, it is tough to succeed even with all of those if you are not original and being yourself. I make content about beards. I was not the first to do this, I am the first to approach it like a teacher, with positivity, and highlighting my wife. My channel is family friendly and everyone is welcome to watch. I fundamentally believe people want to learn and I love teaching. Read more>>