Hardwork? Luck? Good habits? What would you say is behind your success? We’ve shared some thoughtful responses below.

Estelle Clairoux Reff | Co-Founder of Hey Mr.

The most important factor behind our success is most definitely our team. I love the expression, “If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” For us at Hey Mr, our most valuable asset is our strong team bond and the rockstars that make us who we are. I am a strong believer that a group of people that knows how to work well together will foster a synergy that will result in many success stories. I see us as a little community, in which everyone understands their role and plays their part for the common good. Read more>>

Amy Reczek | Speaker | Executive Presence & Influence | Communication Skills Consultant | Author

Authenticity. “People do business with those they know, like, and trust”. I can have all the knowledge in the world on what I do however if I am not relatable or real it doesn’t matter because I cannot reach my audience. People like and are attracted to others who are similar (similarity-attraction effect), keeping true to me and showing my personality creates conversation and opens the door. The success of my brand is letting the world in on who I am. Read more>>

David Moore | DJ/MC

I believe the personal connection we make with our couples, as well as our collaborative process really helps make each event a once-in-a-lifetime experience. We do our best to really discover the vision our clients have for their event and customize the day to them. We also work with them one-on-one from the very beginning, so by the end of the event many of them consider us to be friends and not just DJ’s. It’s a great feeling to be an integral part of the event, and help deliver the perfect day for our clients. And that philosophy has helped us create hundreds of successful events and more to come in the future! Read more>>

Rebeca Gonzalez | Beauty Influencer

To me the most important factor behind my success is having patience. Creating a social media platform won’t be easy to grow within couple of days. Not everyone will grow their platforms at the same phase. Back in June I marked a year that I created a platform and started to grow it. Now I’m at 110k likes on my Facebook page and 10.6k on my Instagram. It’s all about your personality as well, we each attract different viewers just by our personality. Read more>>

Tony Lynch | Mens Grief Coach

The passing of my son. Read more>>

Taylor Ethridge | Northern Colorado Wedding Photographer

I could start this interview by saying Hi I’m Taylor, a type-A, classic enneagram one, the planner, the detail oriented person, the over communicator. However you will quickly come to see that for yourselves.

 I firmly believe that the role of a wedding photographer is much more than the final digital or printed photos. When a couple hires me to photograph their wedding they are actually getting an entire experience that encompasses before, during and after the wedding day. My approach is getting to know my clients and what they value. Then to craft an individual timeline that accommodates who they are and how they would like to enjoy their wedding day. For example, I had a bride and groom who were nervous about being in the center of attention for the entire day. Read more>>

Allison Orr | Owner, Dragonfly Boutique and Dragonfly Mini

Pre-COVID Dragonfly was built on a foundation of providing a top-notch customer service experience for every customer that came in our doors. The in-store experience was one that I worked hard to continue to provide when 2020 and the challenges of COVID hit. While we had always offered services like in-home and private shopping they became more widely utilized in the months of closure or limited operations. I saw customers LOVING and positively reacting to these very personal feeling services without actually being able to have that one-on-one face-to-face interaction they had come to expect when they visited the brick and mortar. COVID made us find new ways to foster these amazing customer relationships outside of the store and via our website and social media platforms. Read more>>

Jen Essex | Owner of Ruby Jean Patisserie

First and foremost client experience and satisfaction is our number one priority. Without happy clients you have no business. Partnerships and collaborations are how I built this business, I have learned over the past 2.5 years the brands that represent the same core values as ours; customer service and impeccable product are and will always be the top priority for Ruby Jean Patisserie. Read more>>

Jen Sevcik | Owner of Duality

We have three VERY different owners who bring vastly different skill sets to the table. Jen, Tim and Nattiel make up the dynamic rocket fuel combo behind the boutique fitness studio, Duality. We quickly learned that when leaders are aligned, great things happen. However, alignment is something that takes constant awareness, work and practice in order to leverage the personality differences and find synergy. At Duality, we have a Visionary (Tim), an Integrator (Jen), and the buffer/glue (Nattiel). Tim and Jen are also husband and wife, so they have the added challenge/pleasure of working together and partnering in life. These three types of leaders won’t always agree or play nice in the sandbox, but they have the potential to do great things. Read more>>

Christian Toto | Film critic and founder of HollywoodInToto.com

I’m a purple spotted unicorn. The vast majority of film critics lean to the left, politically speaking. It’s often reflected in their reportage. So approaching film from a right-leaning perspective makes me different. Plus, my views reflect roughly half of the country, a demographic often overlooked by my peers. Read more>>

Laura Hunter | Entrepreneur & Business Owner

The most important factor behind my success and the success of Beehold Cakes is first, and foremost, an amazing product(s)! Second is hard, consistent and persistent work. No giving up allowed! Read more>>