Hardwork? Luck? Good habits? What would you say is behind your success? We’ve shared some thoughtful responses below.

Josh Wright | Owner Of Wright Prime & Paint | Adventurist

I think one of the most factors behind our success is our perseverance. I know it’s not sexy but when owning a business (or anything in life) success follows those who grit it out. It’s early mornings and late nights. It’s constantly showing up with no direct reward sometimes. Sometimes the payoff is years away and you have to keep grinding it out which can be really demoralizing and draining. Looking back on our pretty recent success, I can tie it back to risky & expensive decisions several years ago that are now panning out. Read more>>

Erica Kafka | Physician Assistant, Yoga Therapist, Social Impact Entrepreneur, Mom

We have spent formative years and our adult lives learning about ourselves; principles to live by, values we prioritize…who we want to be. The Brave and Kind Collective is the spirit of our personal and professional compass, and the success is built being true to ourselves. Authenticity is how we succeed. We have committed to a life focusing on causes larger than ourselves and building a community of like-minded people to make a significant social impact. Making business decisions as our authentic selves helps us live the life we intend to live. Read more>>

Chuck Rasco | Landscape Photography

I think the most important factor for me is connecting with my customer. Often times I’ll spend the extra few minutes talking to them about the image that they’re showing interest in, and give them some insight into what the day was like that I took the image, or the circumstances that created the scene. I feel that people have more interest in something if they have a connection to it, whether it be an iconic location they’ve visited, or the story of how the image was captured. If there’s a story behind the image, then it becomes more than just a pretty picture on the wall. Read more>>

Louise Barden | Co Founder

Community is behind it all. From our local Durango community to our growing community of outdoor enthusiasts and environmentalists. We really couldn’t do it without you. When we launched Farm to Summit, we knew we were in the right place to do so. Durango is a hub for folks seeking a life outdoors and who are looking to support their local economy. And, with our model we not only get to work along side these outdoor enthusiasts, but we also get to work with our local farmers! Read more>>

Blanche Podio | Photographer

People. I absolutely believe that people are the biggest factor in my success. This includes the people that I work for and the people who work with me. My clients are amazing and my favorite thing about them is that I have so many who return to me year after year for everything from family photos to senior shoots to pet photographs. I have the privilege of watching their kids grow up and seeing their families change. And then those amazing clients bring me even more people! Word of mouth is my only form of advertising and the fact that my clients continuously bring me new business is what truly makes me feel successful. Read more>>

Jeremy Broadwell | Photographer

The most important factor behind the success of Adventure in Pixels absolutely is our Pixel Vixens. We have an elite team of brand ambassadors that have allowed us to hone our photography skills while fine tuning and finessing our craft. Our Pixel Vixens have been our biggest blessing, constantly challenging our creativity and artistry. They are pushing us to find new ways to deliver the best possible experience for each and every customer. We are constantly seeking to improve what we offer as a brand, but at the end of the day, our brand is YOU. Read more>>

Allie Whitworth | Owner & Designer of Homey by Allie, Realtor- Compass Real Estate, Mile High Lifestyles

I think my success thus far is attributed mostly to my purpose. I’ve made alignment a goal of mine- and I’m talking alignment with my truth, who I surround myself with, the goals I’m chasing. It all has to add up. I started noticing success, and repeated success, when I made my purpose my driving force in all that I do. People notice that, and it attracts those who are likeminded, and those who want to support you. When your purpose is aligned with your every move, you can’t lose. Success will follow naturally. Read more>>

Lorian DuCharme | Senior Real Estate Specialist/Realtor

The most important factor behind my success is ME! I am the drive, the ambition, and the creator of my own success. I am continually working on my brand, but authenticity has played the most important role in showing who I am and my true personality. Read more>>

Brandon Mohr | Community Organizer

I established Colorado Strength Coalition (CSC for short) with the goal of creating a common place for the strength sports of Colorado to come together, support each other and, many times, have a laugh. The most important factor of behind the success of CSC are the people that it helps connect and the gyms it promotes. Whether that connection is to a gym or to a group to lift with, its all about the people. It has been an absolute pleasure of mine to work with the people who make up this amazing niche of strength sports and watch people of all backgrounds grow in the community. Read more>>

Frank Frey | Space Captain at Epicentral Coworking

The most important factor behind our success at Epicentral Coworking is our obsession with creating community. We want to give our members more than just a place to work – we want them to meet people, engage in the community, and discover new things. We host a weekly happy hour in the main space, which is a great way for people to meet and talk about more than just work. We have found that creating community is contagious, and now Epicentral members are organizing dinner clubs, lunch and learn events, and ping pong tournaments for their fellow members. We make an effort to connect people we believe would work well together, have common interests, or share the same sense of humor. Read more>>

Sabrina Yvonne | Tattoo Artist

I think the most important factor behind my success is the faith I have in me. I have faith in who I am and who I am becoming. And that’s not just for me, but for everyone in my life. I know that sounds cheesy. But as a younger woman, I really struggled with depression and anxiety. And I didn’t have any confidence to go after what I wanted. I was very lost for a long period of time. After I got into tattooing that really did change. Read more>>

Beverlee McMillen | Owner/Stylist of Nuance Hair Studio

The most important factor behind the success of my business brand is being consistent. Read more>>

Luis Bringas | Custom Metal Fabricator

The most important factors behind the success of my brand are my customers and the relationship that I build with them. Throughout the process I work to establish trust and make sure that I completely understand the vision of the customer. Having an open dialog where we are able to thoroughly discuss modifications or enhancements ensures that I am able to deliver a high quality product that meets or exceeds their expectations. Read more>>

Krystle Lockman | brand warrior/ bean counter/ janitor/ co-founder

Not taking ourselves too seriously and surrounding ourselves with talented people are probably the 2 biggst factors that are driving our growth at Axe & Arrow. We make beer, beer should be fun. We aim to make beers that inspire conversation & make people want to try them after hearing about them. The fun of the taproom is conversing with people about beer, hearing what they like and don’t like about our beers and using that info to design the next. We have a great team that really keep their ears & eyes on the industry. They help us come up with ideas, execute them, and market them. It’s a team effort and we’re all focused on crafting fun! Read more>>

Sarah Wandzilak | Visual Artist and Model

I was told, like many young creatives, that I would never make a living if I followed an artistic path. Though this is told to us by well meaning people, it isn’t the truth. The truth is you need more than just talent or skill. You need tenacity and drive. When one well dries up you need to go looking for another. I’ve designed and produced a tarot deck. I’ve painted pet portraits and done craft fairs. I’ve designed logos and tattoos. I’ve made YouTube videos, and designed stickers. Because of this willingness to try new things I’ve been a self employed freelance artist for five years. Read more>>