Hardwork? Luck? Good habits? What would you say is behind your success? We’ve shared some thoughtful responses below.

Melissa Wuertele | Photographer / Creative Artist

You know, I get a LOT of slack for my perception on this from my industry friends. To me, the most important factor is that I started this for the passion and the art first, money second. Being loyal to those loyal to you and being humble and reminding myself I do this to create art and capture moments is my why and the money feels like a bonus. Knowing that this is a blessing and can be taken in an instant makes it easy for me to treat my clients more like family. I’m very good to them. Read more>>

Trinity Smith | Real Estate Agent

The most valuable factor behind the success of my brand is upholding good faith and ethics. I intend to be known as the real estate agent who you can rely on to be someone you can trust and who will advocate for what my clients are looking for in homeownership. Read more>>

Will Lopez | Ceramic Artist & Art Director

The most important factor of my brand is to advocate for those suffering a terminal disease called Huntington’s Disease. My mother and family suffers from this disease and it is my motivation to raise attention to HD. My goal is to be an advocate for the HD (huntington’s disease) community to raise funds, awareness, and one day have a cure. Read more>>

Kaede Yero | Travel Writer & Host

The most important factor behind my brand’s success; audience engagement. My audience is my reason why. I enjoy answering questions, getting feedback, and engaging with my audience. It makes my work more meaningful. To know that people are as excited about your work as the creator; keeps my creative juices flowing. My audience also acts as my brainstorming team for new ideas. Knowing what they are interested in helps to keep the content I create fun and on target for my audience. Read more>>

Clint Whiting | Farm and Ranch Real Estate

I attribute my success to being able to connect with people easily. One of my core values is being able to help others and that combined with being passionate about my profession makes it very easy for me to work with many different personalities. In addition, being punctual and professional are some of the other key factors that I feel has made me successful Read more>>

Lisa Lane | Inventor and Entrepreneur, President of Lane Innovations

My business is primarily e-commerce and there are several things that contribute to the success of any brand or product in an online setting. I would say that it’s the features and benefits of the product itself that contribute the most to its success. If you have a product that is truly innovative and is a significant improvement over what is currently out there, you are off to a great start. If you can add mass-market appeal, that certainly adds to its potential because millions of people could potentially see a use for it and want to buy it. If your product is also demonstrable and a problem solver, I would says that your odds are quite good that you can hit it out of the park! Read more>>

Lawrence Janowski, MD | Medical Director

Medicine practice in Broomfield. I was already interested in aesthetics and cosmetic medicine, and immediately began to add those services to my practice. In 2004, cosmetic medicine was a fairly new field, with injectibles like Botox having only been approved for cosmetic use just two years prior. As a new member of the Broomfield community, and a physician with a new practice, I made many mistakes. I tried and failed at many ideas, however, I remained committed to a set of core values. Read more>>

Patricia Hunnybun | Professional Pet Care Expert & Trainer

Consistency and learning. It is important to be consistent but also flexible in a service industry such as mine. I have learned to see and treat a customer as a valuable asset and a human versus a $ bill. I live both my professional and personal life by the “Golden Rule” and although initially, I was making exceptions almost 100% of the time, in time, I did have to learn that a healthy balance and consistency is a healthier approach to ensure not to get burned out, thus providing even more exceptional options and service, and quality overall. Read more>>