We asked some of the happiest folks we know to tell us their secret

Dorsey beckman | Mom & Business Owner

Helping my friends, family and community realize their own healing potential and spirituality. The mountains, rivers, moon and ocean make me feel at home and my kids teach me to let go, have fun and enjoy life for what it is. Read more>>

Jason Ganahl | Maestro of Meat

I take great pleasure from serving others. Whether it’s my wife or kids. The wonderful teams we have in our shops our the guests that enter our shops. My days are never routine and are fulfilling and satisfying knowing that I can help others have the best parts of their day. Read more>

Drew Zaremba | Composer, Conductor, Performer, Professor of Music at UNC

What brings me joy in life – Hearing a new piece of music I wrote being performed! Spending a day uninterrupted with my wife. Traveling! Being a foreigner and learning new customs. Trying new foods! A deep conversation with friends. Bringing a musical project to life. Finishing a long hike. Connecting with PEOPLE. Why? Because I feel ALIVE when these things happen. Read more>>

Erica Feucht | CEO at Pit Liquor by Distilled Bath and Body

I live in the moment, which is not to say I don’t think about the past or the future, I actually likely overthink them both. But I have found such value in learning to be present and stop letting the past or the future change the way I experience my present. Right now, I have an awesome business that I’ve worked hard to build. I have two beautiful kids and I get to work alongside my husband. Those things give me a lot of peace and happiness. I find my greatest happiness in presence and looking at the things I’ve brought into my life, instead of thinking about the things I want to change. I work to change what I need to change, but I don’t dwell on the things that haven’t come to be yet. The sweet smell of my kids’ heads, the sounds of their laughter, working back-to-back with my husband, walking into my business and seeing it thriving and growing, finding a new contact to help me grow the business, those things are constant sources of happiness. Read more>>

Tayler Schaller | Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor

Ultimately what fills my cup in business is the relationships i build with my clients. I absolutely love helping them achieve their fitness goals and a healthier lifestyle, but it’s also so much more than that. It’s forming connections and lifelong friendships with them along the way that truly make me happy and excited to go to work everyday. Read more>>

Penney Bidwell | Ceramic Sculptor

I am happiest when I am actively engaging in the creative process. I try to find the art in every day activities. From waking up in the morning and putting on an outfit with accessories to finding a way to combine random ingredients and spices into an evening meal, there are plenty of opportunities for creating outside of the studio. I strive to get into my studio each day. The act of creating artwork makes me happy. I approach my sculpting without any formal plan and puzzle my way through problems as they arise. Taking a piece of clay and creating a figure with a story is exciting and gives me insight into my subconscious. Along with daily studio time I enjoy following other artists on social media and searching the internet for their stories and images. I spend probably too much time on Instagram but I find inspiration and creativity there. Travel makes me happy and feeds my creativity. Read more>>

Cam Sale | Videographer and Drone Pilot

What makes me happy is seeing a satisfied client. When we’re shooting on location with a client watching it’s always nice to show them a little sample of the video clips and man, when they give me the “Holy crap, that’s amazing!” type of reaction, I get goosebumps. Bringing someone’s vision to life and seeing their true, authentic excitement is contagious and brings me great satisfaction. It reinforces that I’m in the right industry and doing a good job. Read more>>

Nicole Hutchison | Makeup Artist

Family, friends, success, cultivating meaningful relationships. I’m not a work-o-holic, that’s why it was so important for me to find something I absolutely love doing that doesn’t feel like work. I feel like that is one major step in creating happiness in your own life. Being a Makeup Artist is such a treat for me because you have a lot of control over the projects you choose, the schedule you want, and are usually surrounded by THE coolest, most interesting open minded creatives you may have never met otherwise. Making sure my relationships are strong with my family and friends is also something that drives my happiness on a daily basis. I have always been very family oriented and take a big responsibility upon myself to be at all the special functions and events that I absolutely can. Some of them would say I’m the glue. Read more>>