We asked insiders and experts from various industries to tell us something they think outsiders are unaware of and we’ve shared a few of those responses below.

James Dilzell | Executive Director & Coffee Enthusiast

I’ve worked in the world of conservation nonprofits since before I graduated college, and one thing folks on the outside don’t often see is the number of “hats” you have to wear throughout the year, or even the day. Especially when talking about a grassroots organization like the Watershed Council, there’s so much that needs to get done – from accounting and staff management to restoration work and educational programming – and everyone gets to do a little bit of everything. This is something I love about it – we learn so much and no day is the same. Read more>>

Roz Reynolds | Hard Worker & Avid Skier

I work with avalanche mitigation systems and my job involves snow, skis, helicopters, explosives, mechanical parts, and mountains. My job is very interesting and engaging, but what people not familiar with this work do not realize is how stressful it can be. Working in the avalanche realm, one understands how much uncertainty is involved with snow conditions and avalanche hazards. Read more>>

Meghan DeAngelis | Founder of Revy Skincare

One thing that people are unaware of in the USA beauty/cosmetic industry is how unregulated it is. The beauty and cosmetic industry is worth over 500 billion dollars and yet the industry has not been changed since 1938. This means that the restricted ingredient list has not been changed since 1938. The United States currently bans 11 ingredients in personal care products while the EU bans 1300 ingredients. Read more>>